REPORTS TO Charul Seoni, SVP Operations
DATE April 2023
WEBSITE https://corscale.com/
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Corscale is focused on delivering sustainability at scale for hyperscale operators and enterprise clients. Partnered with USAA Real Estate, Corscale is the exclusive data center platform of Patrinely Group. Patrinely Group and USAA Real Estate have successfully developed over 50 projects spanning 35 years.

Patrinely Group is a vertically integrated, national real estate firm with a proven 38-year track record specializing in investment, development, leasing, and management of large-scale, Class A, mixed-use, office, multifamily, and industrial properties in major North American markets. Patrinely Group has prospered from a core focus on commercial office, mixed-use, industrial and multifamily projects. Since 1983, the company has completed 21 million square feet of development amounting to $10 billion in total transactions. Patrinely Group, headquartered in Houston, is guided by Robert Fields, President/CEO & Principal, and Don Thomas, Chief Operating Officer & Principal. They are judicious in the selection of projects and investments and come to the table with capital, enabling a customized, nimble approach to creating value.

Corscale is looking to change the conversation on how data centers are deployed. They believe a commitment to sustainable data center development needs to go well beyond the basic. Corscale is a data center development brand focused on delivering sustainability at scale for hyperscale operators and enterprise clients.



Patrinely Group is uniquely structured to offer in house investment strategy, development, and property management with strategically aligned investment sponsors/partners. They pursue development and acquisition opportunities that provide for the prospect of long-term cash flow growth and capital appreciation.


Patrinely Group, together with their 30+ year capital partner, USAA Real Estate identified the data center infrastructure market as a sustainably high investor rate of return (IRR) asset class. Given the company’s extensive execution abilities for virtually all product types, this combined team offers best-in-class services from a data center development, a fiduciary, and investor perspective. Through this process, Corscale was born.

Corscale is looking to change the conversation on how data centers are deployed. We believe that a commitment to sustainable data center development needs to go well beyond the basic. Corscale is a data center development brand focused on delivering sustainability at scale for hyperscale operators and enterprise clients.



Start small, think big, and scale fast with Corscale. From modular design to wholesale pricing, to attractive expansion rights, we work with you to bring your vision to life.



Starting @ 36MW, Corscale will collaborate with your team to develop and powered shell or other dedicated facility.


Using the latest, high-efficiency infrastructure gets you in the game. Low PUE is a given. Energy consumption reporting is table stakes. We need to move past the basics. At Corscale, our focus is long-term. We’re not afraid to do the heavy lifting. Here’s just a few of the ways we’re changing the game:


Corscale has assembled an all-star team of talent to take a clean sheet approach to sustainable data center development. With decades of experience building and operating global data center portfolios, our team has what it takes to develop tomorrow’s data center, today.


EVP, Principal

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SVP, Development

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SVP Operations

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SVP Sales & Marketing

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VP, Sales and Leasing

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VP, Construction Management

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Associate VP, Supply Chain & Commissioning 

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Partnered with USAA Real Estate, Corscale is the exclusive data center platform of Patrinely Group. Patrinely Group and USAA Real Estate have a 35-year track record of working together developing successful projects, and have the capital and global footprint needed to deliver any scale data center, anywhere in the world.

Next generation investment developer focused on hyperscale data centers, industrial, office and multifamily.

  • $20B completed and under development
  • 38 year track record
  • 8 regional offices

Integrated global real estate investment firm with developed assets in North America and Europe

  • $30B in assets under management
  • 40 year track record
  • 11 global offices

Patrinely Group has partnered with USAA Real Estate and two private equity firms with remarkable credentials and relationship value to realize their collective vision of value creation in the data center asset class. In the last 34 years, Patrinely Group has partnered with USAA on 54 opportunities.


Development Philosophy – Corscale is taking a clean-slate approach to developing data centers for today’s world. We believe in integrating sustainability into every aspect of development – from site selection and energy sources to ongoing operations.

Energy – Corscale works with utility partners to source energy from clean, renewable sources wherever possible. They wiil also be using scale and financial capital to amplify the call for renewable energy projects that put the data center industry on a sustainable path.

Design – We utilize a modular design and an incremental build sequence to right-size capacity. We work our clients to understand their true resiliency needs and architect the data center for high-performance and low-cost.

Infrastructure – From variable speed fans to smart chillers that reduce or eliminate water usage, we invest in infrastructure that minimizes waste and cost while maximizing efficiency.

Operations – Corscale has partnered with Ledge8760 to monitor our carbon footprint and provide an unmatched level of transparency to our customers. We believe that reporting needs to be actionable, and through this partnership, we are able to do more than provide clients with fancy charts and graphs.


Current Developments

Future Developments

Spread across Patrinely Group and USAA Real Estate footprints to leverage in the USA, United Kingdom, and the European Union.



The Data Center Campus Director (DCCD) will report to Charul Seoni, SVP Operations, and oversee the day-to-day data center business operations and personnel. The DCCD’s charter is three stage – initially to lead teams in the performance optimization of Corscale’s initial 80MW facility on the Gainesville VA campus, broaden the operations excellence as the campus grows to 300MW, and then take the playbook from the Gainesville campus to apply to multiple, geographically dispersed state-of-the-art data center campuses.

The DCCD’s primary role is to operate and protect the complete technology ecosystem of a customer’s mission-critical facility environment(s), through delivery of a best-in-class Data Center Operations Program.  This role will play a critical role on the customer’s Data Center Operations Leadership Team – developing process, enforcing standardization, and driving the operations and facility management teams towards continuous improvement across Corscale’s data center facility and campus architectures, in Gainesville and beyond.

The DCCD will coordinate Data Center operational administration, technical services, telecom infrastructure, security operations, life-safety Systems, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) infrastructure and operations.  The DCCD will collaborate with peers, subordinates, superiors, clients, vendors, and other relevant stakeholders to drive and implement consistent programs at the data center(s) location for which you are responsible.

The DCCD will lead a cross-functional team committed to service excellence, quality performance and a first-class customer experience.  You will work directly with stakeholders to enable build out, onboarding and operationalization of new data center capacity in a campus style setting.  This role requires a balance of servant leadership, influence, business and technical acumen to ensure successful execution and on-going functionality of an operational program specifically focused on mission critical data center operations.



The DCCD will direct and leverage the current team to fulfill the comprehensive list of specific responsibilities listed here:

Accountable for day-to-day Data Center facility operations in a campus setting
Develop operating standards, processes, and procedures, rules, and regulations. Leads a culture of excellence with specific focuses on safety, security, compliance, and transparency  
Manage data center site services, facility operations, logistics, and customer deployments across a data center campus setting
Track operational performance metrics, KPIs, environmental compliance and sustainability reporting – package, publish, and present, recommendations for continuous improvement
Ensure compliance with third-party contract terms, policies, procedures and SLAs.
Subject Matter Expertise in the operations of critical MEP infrastructure, including Electrical Distribution, UPS Systems, Emergency Power Systems, various types of critical cooling systems, and Life-Safety Systems  
Perform, oversee and manage the periodic audits of maintenance MOPs, equipment SOPs and Emergency Operator Procedures (EOPs) to ensure quality, accuracy, and conformance with company standards and industry best practice
Implement and manage programs for safety, maintenance, process improvement, business continuity, and certification and qualification for personnel.
Recruit, motivate, educate, and develop highly effective data center operations professionals. Continually enhance the team to ensure a culture rooted in innovation, collaboration, and effective execution.
Ensure the data center operations teams are empowered to achieve 100% uptime and reliability to ensure the highest possible client service and satisfaction resulting in retention, expansion, and reference ability.
Utilize external benchmarks to establish performance metrics for internal and outsourced teams.
Strategic minded, organized, attention to detail, willingness to accept new ideas and procedures, and sound decision-making skills
Excellent verbal and written communications skills to effectively respond to sensitive and complex issues



Data Center Operations ManagementDemonstrated history of managing data center asset and platform operational performance excellence, ideally across multiple significant sized data centers (40MW+). Specifically adept managing client move-ins and movement.

Data Center Operations PlaybookSuccessful history of implementing the necessary MOPs, SOPs, & KPI’s to normalize behaviors that increase performance, effectiveness, efficiency, and predictability.

Data Center Business & Personnel LeadershipDemonstrated cognizance and interest in broader data center business and fiscal matters to include a history of hiring and training high positively aligned personnel, organization, and culture.

DevelopmentHistory of managing a data center, or campus, from inception through design, construction management, and commissioning to turnover to operations.

Growth – Participation in the impactful decision making of a high growth organization. Understands the balance of independence and collaboration in making high value decisions, when to act and when to escalate.

Culture – Alignment of core values with their vision, mission, and guiding principles which lead to excellence, fairness, and justice in the workplace. Corscale epitomizes a level of conviction and self-accountability that leads to greater overall performance.



Track Record – Patrinely Group & Corscale are proud to share they have a 100% track record of delivering projects on time and budget. This is extraordinary given they are the architect of very complex financial partnerships created to achieve first of its kind endeavors.

Secret Sauce – Patrinely Group & Corscale create and maintain relationships and projects with a deft, nimble and exacting level of execution while displaying an integrity and resourcefulness across the organization that is second to none.

Financial Strength – The Patrinely Group’s financial position to fund unrelenting growth is unparalleled. They are enthusiastic and committed to a shared vision of creating a significant and scalable global data center platform.

Culture – Corscale embodies Patrinely Group’s start-up entrepreneurialism and institutional knowledge and capabilities. The Company is mission-focused and collegial, believing strongly in affording dignity and decency to all stakeholders.

Impact – From day one, the DCCD will be relied upon to make decisions that meaningfully impact how Corscale’s data center assets perform, across the portfolio, profitably, as well as a keen eye on the resulting portfolio valuation.

Leadership – Corscale’s executive leadership team is comprised of industry veteran’s whose track record of success speaks for itself. The whole of the team keenly enjoys solving challenges and exceeding growth and performance return expectations.

Focus – Corscale has gained traction with initial projects and maintains a sharp focus on growth, at scale, sustainably, on a global basis. The collective goal and ambition is to remain nimble, scalable, and quick to respond, but at scale.



Following a thorough exchange of information relating to company information, resume, and key qualifying criteria, CFS Partners anticipates recommending a short list of candidates to Charul Seoni, SVP Operations in April 2023. Finalists will meet with the Corscale Executive Leadership Team and select members of Patrinely Group. The selected finalist will likely visit Houston where he/she will be presented with a compelling and competitive offer contingent on background check and thorough references.

For additional information or to schedule a time to connect, contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at andy@criticalfacility.com.