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We’re privileged to share our active search mandates below. On the occasion you are interested in learning more, please contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at If you’d like to be notified of new active searches, please include your resume with your email so that we can tailor notifications to match your credentials.

CFS Partners is a global executive search firm representing Private Equity and C-Suite requirements for companies that finance, develop, design, build, own, & operate digital infrastructure = data centers, fiber, renewables, energy, edge, towers, and DAS. We are privileged to share our precedent experience hiring executives who create exceptional investor and shareholder value during their company’s formative growth chapters amidst the convergence of the digital infrastructure industry.


Rowan Green Data (Rowan) is designed to deliver sustainable solutions to green data centers located on Rowan sites. Rowan’s scope of services includes land acquisition, built-environment, energy and water sustainability solutions, renewable power supply and other infrastructure.

Rowan has identified and is actively developing multiple, strategically located sites across the US to host next-generation, mission critical, hyperscale data centers. Rowan aims to design and configure each site to deliver sustained and long-term competitive advantages and assist hyperscale data center operators in meeting their accelerating carbon reduction and sustainability targets.


TA Realty is focused exclusively on private real estate investment in the United States, with deep expertise in acquiring, developing, managing, and selling real assets. Our goal is to build U.S. real estate portfolios diversified both by geography and property type, creating a balanced risk / return profile—and giving us the flexibility to successfully respond to changing capital market and real estate environments.


With more than USD $4.0B+ in institutional capital available for data center development, EdgeCore proactively invests in high-performance hyperscale and wholesale data center solutions on scalable campuses in key North American and European data center markets. With existing land and data center capacity of more than 500 IT MW, EdgeCore acts as an extension of customer supply chains by enabling them to grow quickly and innovate.


Since launching in 2017, DF&I has been actively building new, all-underground, high-capacity dark fiber and conduit in the critical connectivity markets of Northern Virginia and Maryland. We recognize yesterday’s networks were not built to accommodate today’s fiber demand and cannot support the latency requirements that modern network customers demand. Our decades of experience serving enterprise, carrier and hyperscale organizations allow us to work for you and with you to customize a solution to best meet your critical infrastructure needs, now and into the future.


Nautilus Data Technologies created the world’s most environmentally innovative water-cooled data center infrastructure to unleash compute in the most sustainable way possible. Our technology allows you to handle your mission-critical IT needs today and be insured for growth in the future — we are committed to setting new, and higher, standards for performance, efficiency, sustainability, and global scalability.