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June 2020


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Headquartered in New York, NY, UpStack’s technology-enabled brokerage platform is disrupting the $4 trillion IT infrastructure industry by helping IT professionals more easily source and sell colocation, network, and hybrid cloud services. Founded in 2017 by industry veteran Christopher Trapp, UpStack was born out of frustration with an inefficient and opaque IT services procurement experience. In response, Trapp and team built a first-of-its-kind technology platform that:

  • Helps buyers, advisors and suppliers make better business decisions through ready access to data, tools, and insights
  • Increases sales efficiency by 60x
  • Improves supplier response times by 1,200x

UpStack built a platform which currently provides automated quoting and inventory management from over 400 network, colocation, and cloud service providers. It empowers 2,400+ agents, buyers, and suppliers to eliminate critical, yet time-consuming steps in the identification, selection, pricing, and procurement on behalf of their valued clientele. Through beautiful, practical, and efficient software products, UpStack is committed to delivering transparency and simplicity to the data center industry and is fast becoming the One-Stop-Shop & Operating System for global sourcing colocation and network requirements.

At present, the momentum created over the past three years is poised to propel UpStack into its next phase of growth—one that will find the company leveraging institutional investment to further focus on industry disruption, but now with greater attention on top-producing advisors and the central role they play in brokering deals between buyers and sellers.

UpStack is a disruptive and powerful force multiplier in an industry forecast to grow at double digit CAGR rates for the foreseeable future. Their highly resilient go to market strategy offers monthly recurring revenue and annual annuity characteristics designed to create value at scale.


UpStack’s mission is to empower the entire IT infrastructure ecosystem – from service providers to IT infrastructure professionals to their advisors – to make better business decisions. Buyers benefit through quote and price transparency and education. Advisors benefit from the absence of hassle to interpret quotes so they can focus on consultation. Providers and their partners benefit from their sales team’s ability to quote easily, efficiently, and accurately.

UpStack is introducing value across the telecom, colocation, and cloud services marketplace by offering providers, sellers, and agents the opportunity to leverage their unique platform assets to launch, scale, and optimize their own businesses –

Leading technology – Customer-facing, self-service tech that decreases agent/customer effort by 60x and decreases supplier response times by 1,200x

Operational excellence – Delivering break-through operating efficiencies through centralized infrastructure enabled by proprietary technology

Massive network – Over 1,000 data center suppliers leveraging UpStack’s inventory management and automated quoting/pricing capabilities

Data Monetization – The largest consolidated collection of pricing, supply, and demand data improves QoS for suppliers, agents, and direct buyers

Scale efficiency – A centralized and shared operating infrastructure to empower agents and accelerate their growth

Product Expertise – A team with an average of 15+ years designing, marketing, and delivering internet infrastructure solutions




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SVP, Marketing

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CEO’s & Senior Leadership from the most prominent colocation and network companies in the industry have taken note of UpStack’s pending impact on the market. When a business model presents a threat to the ‘old way of doing things,’ industry leaders take note. Many of these leaders are both leveraging UpStack’s technology and at the same time investing in the business so as to ensure they stay ahead of the curve and endeavor to maintain a unique competitive advantage.


As a member of UpStack’s Leadership Team, the SVP Finance (SVPF) proactively advocates for and protects stakeholder equity value creation through strategic financial management, corporate development, and leadership. The SVPF will accelerate the FP&A capabilities of the team while forging close working relationships with other senior executives. Charged with elevating the overall performance of UpStack through improved financial processes, tools, training and development, the SVPF will foster a culture of accountability and results leading to greater overall corporate value.


  • Oversee the company’s fiscal activity, including the accurate budgeting, reporting, and auditing of funds
  • Collaborate with company leadership on the development and execution of company strategy
  • Identify and address financial risks and opportunities for the company
  • Ensure legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Develop and manage process for financial forecasting
  • Manage the process for all fundraising, ensuring the company remains optimally capitalized to achieve its objectives and adheres to all contractual obligations, such as debt covenants
  • Lead due diligence process for any/all mergers and/or acquisitions
  • Implement finance and accounting systems with ongoing responsibility for stakeholder integration and inputs, including that of any acquired entities
  • Oversee the development and ongoing maintenance of regular financial reporting for both internal (e.g. CEO and senior leadership team) and external (e.g. shareholders and investors) stakeholders on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Build out finance organization through the recruitment of top talent

Desired Experience

  • 10+ years of diverse financial management experience with a minimum of 3 years in financial leadership role
  • FP&A along with oversight of accounting and finance systems and teams
  • History of compensation and specifically distributed commission structures from multiple points of origins and attribution
  • Demonstrated ability and interest to work in a lean environment and building a department and team from scratch
  • Exemplary team leadership from a player-coach standpoint who demonstrates how to plan, organize, and execute
  • Participation in capital fundraising and strategic engagement with existing and potential investors as well as prospective partners and their financial constituencies
  • Direct participation in M&A activities, including due diligence and specifically leading post-merger integration of technologies, processes, and teams
  • History of sourcing, selection, and implementation of financial accounting systems
  • Eager to join an adaptable, collaborative, solutions-oriented, & entrepreneurial culture
  • IT services industry or indirect sales channel experience a plus
  • MBA a plus, but not required



FP&A – History of traditional Financial Planning & Analysis along with oversight of accounting and finance systems and teams

Commission & Compensation – History of defining and governing complex compensation and distributed commission structures from multiple points of source attribution and value contributed.

Entrepreneurial – Demonstrated ability, agility, and ambition to contribute and collaborate in a lean environment, wear a lot of hats, and create value from positive chaos.

Team – Exemplary team leadership from a player-coach standpoint who demonstrates how to effectively plan, organize, and execute to create sustained corporate value.

Fundraising – History of fundraising (equity & debt) and strategic engagement with investors, prospective partners, and other financial constituencies.

Acquisition and Integration – Direct participation in the identification, due diligence, acquisition and integration of technology, process, and procedures at speed and scale.

Systems – History of sourcing, selection, integration, and implementation of financial accounting systems, people, and processes.

Go-To-Market – Some history or unique alignment or appreciation for the model UpStack is building in terms of appreciating the opportunity for leverage, at scale.



Innovation – UpStack is successfully introducing technological advances that facilitate and empower buyers and sellers in an industry that has historically resisted modernization.

Scale – UpStack’s platform can be leveraged and monetized across multiple service categories within the industry, which offers remarkable growth opportunities and creates a complex ecosystem of financial considerations.

Chapter – UpStack is entering a unique chapter of maturity ready to capitalize on 3 years of lessons learned, which have created exciting directional go-to-market strategies that offer remarkable growth opportunities for its partners.

Team – UpStack’s executive team is experienced, engaged, ambitious, and excited about the chapter they are in and what is next. They embrace a lean, entrepreneurial, transparent culture and enjoy the business case justification rigor that ensures their success.

Financial Partners – Chris Trapp’s vision for positive change in colocation and network procurement has attracted the industry’s foremost thought and investment leaders to advise on business formation and growth.

Future Multiplier – It bears repeating that UpStack’s technology platform offers incredibly unique multiplying capabilities by empowering all members of their ecosystem – customers, sales, owners, agents, procurement, and finance / accounting professionals.



The compensation package is expected to include a competitive (relative to market and candidate’s current situation) base salary, annual performance compensation equal to X% of base at target (expected to exceed), health benefits, and long-term incentive compensation in the form of a C-level equity grant.

UpStack prides Itself on hiring the best and brightest minds and rewards employees with a casual work environment and an outstanding benefits package to include:

  • Insurance: Medical, Dental, Vision & Life
  • Generous PTO policy
  • Investment: 401(k) Retirement Plan


Following a thorough exchange of information relating to company information, resume, and key qualifying criteria, CFS Partners anticipates recommending a short list of candidates to UpStack’s Senior Leadership Team in mid June 2020. Select finalists to connect with members of UpStack’s Board and Advisory Group soon after either in person, or video conference. Finalist candidates will meet with the Senior Leadership Team—either virtually or in UpStack’s Manhattan office—for a ½ day to get a better sense of the working culture and respective fit/ feel. A finalist will be selected and offer extended, the acceptance of which will be contingent upon positive references and background check.

For additional information or to schedule a time to connect, contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at