POSITION Vice President of Hyperscale
REPORTS TO Chris Bair, SVP Sales & Leasing
DATE  July 2021
WEBSITE https://www.streamdatacenters.com/
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Stream Data Centers builds and operates for the largest and most sophisticated enterprises and hyperscale cloud providers – 24 data centers since 1999, with 90% of our capacity leased to the Fortune 100. We believe procuring, deploying, and operating data center capacity should be a great experience; that’s why we proactively invest in great people and great facilities in the right markets for your success.

Delivering speed to market, with actual capacity ready to deploy today in 7 markets, with an end-to-end collaborative approach. We listen and we will customize procedurally, operationally, and/or structurally to what you need. Stream represents a “best of both worlds” combining the publicly traded REITs and boutique data center provider’s best practices.

Our data center real estate services include adaptable turnkey capacity (ready today, customizable to meet your requirements) and build-to-suit (fully commissioned or powered shell, wherever you need to be, operated by us or by you). By proactively investing in the right people and markets, we are able to offer build-to-suit solutions on our campus, or yours, in 9 months from groundbreaking to client occupancy. We also offer energy procurement services to help our data center customers and others proactively reduce costs and improve sustainability.

Since 1999, Stream has provided wholesale, powered shell & build-to-suit data centers with the following successes –

  • 24 Data Centers Across the U.S.
  • >90% of Capacity Leased to Fortune 100
  • 100% of CFM team are employees of Steam Data Centers
  • Zero Early Customer Terminations
  • Zero Lawsuits (Customers & Employees)
  • $3.6B annual transactions by Stream Realty Partners



Stream believes that getting data center capacity should be a great experience.

Stream proactively invests in great people and great facilities in the right markets so clients have capacity when and where they need it. From beginning to end, the experience is collaborative; Stream listens, not dictates, and with a broad spectrum of options, they customize to what their customers need to succeed.


22 Years of Technical Real Estate Leadership and Data Center Success

1996 – Stream Realty Partners opens for business.
1999 – Stream acquires first data center.
2005 – Procures Northern California Portfolio.
2007 – Unveils industry’s first Ready-to-Fit Data Center product.
2010 – Enters the turnkey wholesale data center market with Private Data Center product.
2014 – Adds facility management services.
2015 – Adds energy consulting services.
2017 – Launches Hyperscale Data Center product.
2018 – Enters Chicago market and breaks ground on DFW VII.
2019 – Enters Phoenix market.
2020 – Enters Chicago market.



Offering a collaborative experience from beginning to end, we listen and we’re participative, not prescriptive. In the past 22 years of Steam’s existence, there has been 0 leadership turnover and 0% of facility operations have been outsourced.

Great experience: No bad surprises. The decision-makers are at the table. We really listen to you (our customers) and act on what you tell us. We value our relationship with you above all, and that shows from the very beginning to the very end – from our discretion about your big name to how we communicate during a natural disaster to the fact that we don’t charge for cross-connects. We’ve never been sued, and we’ve never sued a customer or partner, either.

Great people: It’s the people that determine the experience, the quality of the design, and the reliability of the operations – and ours are the best. We’re real estate professionals and technical experts with decades of experience delivering value for customers like you. And because we manage and operate our own data centers, you get the best of us from beginning to end.

Speed to market: We have actual capacity ready to deploy today in 7 markets. When we say we have 4 MWs in Phoenix we have 4 MWs you can move into today. We invest in your success through speculative development in markets where we see future demand.

End-to-end collaboration: We’ll customize (procedurally, operationally, structurally) to what you need. We’re smart and we build and operate great data centers. Our customers are smart, too. We know we’re a small fraction of your supply chain and we shouldn’t be a headache. So we dig in with you at the beginning to understand your real drivers and explore the best fit solution. We conform to you rather than you conforming to us. 

Plus of course all the table stakes (operational expertise, financial stability, data center efficiency and reliability): These table stakes are driven by the operational expertise of our great people and our organizational and financial stability. Since 1999 we’ve built and operated 24 data centers for Fortune 100 enterprises and hyperscale cloud providers – we’re trusted by the largest companies in the world. The original founding partners are still at the helm, and involved with our customers daily. Our capital partners provide a unique combination of financial stability and decision making freedom.


Stream provides a wide array of data center solutions with scalable densities that allow customers to grow a carefully planned end-to-end data center footprint. Our resilient and dedicated infrastructure is deployed with appropriate audit compliance and certifications to meet rigorous standards for each market and industry we serve.

The impact of the cloud continues to shape the design of the modern data center, and, our commitment to innovation continues to enhance the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our next-gen products.

Stream’s build-to-suit competency leverages proven development strategies to quickly deliver cost-efficient data centers that meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Stream’s Ready-to-Fit™ Powered Shells provide a hardened, expandable facility with readily available power to support rapid deployment.

Private Data Center™ Suites feature dedicated infrastructure, security and privacy for ultimate control. Proactive maintenance strategies comply with risk management guidelines.

Scalable Colocation deployments provide highly secure space in a multi-tenant facility with options to deploy a distributed IT strategy and scale as needed.


Stream provides tailored data center solutions with a premium concierge approach to customer service. Seasoned expertise in Data Center Development, Critical Environments Services, Network and Cloud Services and Energy Procurement are all offered through Stream’s holistic approach to customer success.

Stream offers a level of experience that is unmatched in the industry. From site selection and greenfield builds to next-gen renovations of existing facilities, Stream delivers comprehensive data center development services that benefit IT environment objective.

Stream’s operations engineers are responsible for operating data centers and other mission-critical environments across owned and managed properties. These highly experienced professionals are committed to maximizing uptime and value without compromising health, safety or security.

Stream offers a service provider-neutral facility, a competitive platform that allows customers to choose the network, cloud or managed service provider that best meets their needs. Each Stream facility has multiple diverse entry points, with each consisting of large duct banks going to diverse meet-me rooms. Stream chooses strategic locations with excellent network connectivity to a good mix of carrier types offering both lit and dark fiber services. 

Stream partners with Megaport to enable direct cloud connectivity to all major providers of cloud services. Our cloud connectivity solutions provide immediate connection, single point of contact, and multiple options for cloud connectivity. Cloud service delivery methods include IaaS, SaaS, DRaaS, Storage and many more.

Stream provides energy procurement services to minimize energy demand and costs through design, operational best practices and evaluation of optimal energy rates in all markets, including renewable energy sources.


Exceptional People and Service

Stream’s core leadership team of data center experts has remained constant for two decades, and our nimble sales, implementation and management teams ensure optimum flexibility to quickly define and adapt to customer business needs.


SVP, Sales & Leasing

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Executive Vice President & Partner

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 Learn more about Stream’s core leadership team, technical leadership team, and sales & marketing teams HERE.


Stream’s Core Values – Our high-caliber professionals come together to create a distinct culture best summarized by our firm’s values:

Smart – We are Intelligent, creative, Innovative, and sharp; we possess an especially keen understanding of supply and demand.

Honest – We always tell the truth and conduct ourselves ethically; we consider this value paramount to our success.

Nice – We are nice to all people all of the time; we respect and seek diversity in thought and background.

Passionate – We love our company, our colleagues, our customers and our work; we Incessantly strive to win for our clients and our associate



Stream Data Centers Vice President of Hyperscale (VPH) requires a highly energetic, transformative, B2B sales leader with demonstrated experience identifying high value partnering relationships while successfully navigating sophisticated sales environments. The ideal VPH will play a pivotal role in guiding Stream Data Centers toward achieving revenue and strategic growth objectives as capacity demands continue to grow ‘upmarket.’ This highly valued individual contributor and hunter will effectively leverage their industry relationships in presenting Stream’s remarkable value proposition to audiences that value strategic partnerships which bring value in capital, speed, and versatility. By virtue of their intellect and competence, he/she can convey a confidence, comfort, and security to influential hyperscale relationships while aligning productive outcomes.



  • The VPH is responsible and accountable to achieve mutually agreed upon targets: revenue growth, new account acquisitions, and market share / mindshare growth objectives.
  • Identify opportunities to expand influence, network with prospects across the ecosystem, and engage proactively to foster strong relationships with the hyperscale base.
  • Manage key client relationships and actively develop and close strategic opportunities.
  • Exceed client expectations by encouraging every behavior and opportunity to contribute to an elevated level of attention to client’s requirements, where and when needed.
  • Define and implement a revenue acquisition strategy which aggressively increases Stream Data Centers’ relevance near term, and assuring brand sustainability longer term.
  • Contribute to the creation of successful sales and marketing campaigns that accurately reflect Stream Data Centers’ value proposition of holistic customer engagement.
  • Guide necessary adaptations to product and service offerings.
  • Establish and self-govern practices for managing his/her own performance; prioritizing critical measures of success and determines equitable allocation of time invested in each.
  • Maintain the highest level of professionalism and personal integrity in making decisions, citizenship, ensuring accuracy, and providing transparency in all correspondence.
  • Promote Stream Data Centers as a thought leader through every action and activity.
  • Be strategic and think around corners In Interactions with industry influencers, decision makers, existing clients, and targeted prospects.
  • Embrace industry knowledge and demonstrate a passion for delivering meaningful solutions to organizations that allow them to grow and prosper.
  • Convert transactional relationships into strategic partnerships. 



  • 10+ years complex solutions sales experience, ideally in a revenue production capacity for a leading Wholesale, Colocation, Cloud Services, and/or PaaS / IaaS provider.
  • Business and financial acumen in evaluating IT infrastructure client requirements, evaluating a myriad of solutions, and proposing deal structures with positive outcomes for Stream and the prospective customer.
  • History of consultative sales success. Demonstrate the ability to see, know, assess the deal influencer, coach, economic decision maker, and troublemaker in each deal and manage each In the theatre of the pursuit.
  • Demonstrate the ability to be consultative and a doer / executer. A dedicated, accountable sales executive who plans their work and works their plan.
  • Thought leadership and continued execution in the implementation of sales activities that crush goals.
  • Experience developing, maintaining, and leveraging multiple distribution strategies, i.e. direct, channel, alliance, partnerships that result in healthy mutual business benefit.
  • Client advocate and customer ambassador with a desire to be a part of a fast-paced, high-energy, opportunistic, and entrepreneurial experience.
  • Demonstrated success in strategic thinking, planning and implementation – a strong desire and track record of getting things done.
  • A developed set of methods, practices and metrics related to leading and lagging indicators of success.
  • Appreciates and leverages a diverse group of resources and talents to execute his /her own sales plan relative to overall revenue goals.



Strategic and Action-Oriented – The VPH demonstrates clear critical thinking in the development and execution of strategy and planning. A combination of product, customer, and industry knowledge will naturally put Stream at a distinct competitive advantage.

Sophistication – Starts and ends the conversation in a respectful admired level, demonstrating respect to all parties Involved. Identifies and addresses the business interests of all parties Involved to the extent they can be mutually accomplished and diplomatic when they cannot.

Customer Centric – The VPH acts as the eyes, ears, and voice of the company to ensure Stream’s remarkable partnering value proposition is wholly cultivated and utilized by customers. This is an externally facing, passionate professional who keeps their customers and prospects at the forefront of their priorities.

Tenacious – The successful VPH will have a demonstrated history of significant engagements resulting from a necessary professional persistence. He/She will have a pride of ownership in solving their customer’s hardest problems with consultative long-term solutions.

Gravitas – The successful VPH will have a natural chemistry and energy necessary to engage and compel executive decision makers. He/She will be exceptionally articulate and dynamic in front of both external and internal audiences with a direct, candid and endearing interpersonal style.



Hyperscale – Market knowledge, relevance, and credibility. This is obviously a unique ecosystem which therefore requires someone who understands the players, the vernacular, the demands, the deal cadence, and other important nuances.

Revenue Creation – Sophistication in their approach to the art of the deal with a demonstrated history of achieving closure with hyperscale target market, resulting in highly impactful mutually beneficial outcomes.

Complex Solutions Orientation – Critical thinking in a highly consultative, solutions sales approach. Listens aggressively to client requirements and cultivates conversations related to each OPEX, CAPEX, ROI, TCO, etc. consideration.

Business and Financial Acumen – A high data center economics acumen is required to creatively model a deal, find a customer’s decision levers, and execute when the time is right. Understands the financial stake with prospects, customers, and internal stakeholders.

Growth – Prior participation in the growth chapter of a digital infrastructure business. Understands the commitment, conviction, and courageous decision making necessary and requires a unique blend of humility, conviction, confidence, and courage.

Culture – Alignment of core values with their vision, mission, and guiding principles which lead to excellence, fairness, and justice in the workplace. Stream epitomizes a level of conviction and self-accountability that leads to greater overall performance.



Culture – Stream Data Centers’ culture embodies the dynamics of a start-up, focusing on smart, strategic thinking which leads to creative partnering. Stream Data Centers demonstrates its mission and principles with an intense sense of commitment, customer intimacy, and energy.

Earnings – Put your fingerprint on a new chapter in the industry with an emerging growth company poised for upscale market capacity demand and scale. The VPH will dramatically impact the organization’s growth relative to plan while likely exceeding their own financial goals.

Executive Leadership – Stream’s Leadership Team’s precedent success and credentials sit firmly in the top echelon in the industry’s last decade of accomplishments. The confidence in the success this organization can provide to existing and prospective customers is a rare find for an already accomplished sales executive’s future career.

Focus – Less concerned with the market’s view and more focused on serving customer’s requirements effectively, Stream Data Centers plans to win through an intense commitment to change the colocation procurement industry by remaining nimble, scalable, and quick to respond, at scale. 

Financial Strength – Stream is unique in the whole of the market in that they privately finance their deals which allows a great deal of opportunistic creativity and flexibility for client’s requirements. One size or solution does not fit all. Stream has the capacity, interest, and ability to construct deals customers need.



The compensation package for the VP Hyperscale will be determined relative to the final candidate’s current circumstance and specific requirements. The package is expected to include a competitive base salary, annual performance compensation, health benefits, and long-term incentive compensation.



Following a thorough exchange of information relating to company information, resume, and key qualifying criteria, CFS Partners anticipates recommending a short list of candidates to Chris Bair, SVP Sales & Leasing, in August 2021. Finalists will meet with members of Stream’s executive leadership team. The selected finalist will be presented with a compelling and competitive offer contingent on background check and thorough references.

For additional information or to schedule a time to connect, contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at andy@criticalfacility.com.