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Headquartered in Denver, CO, STACK INFRASTRUCTURE (STACK) provides digital infrastructure to scale the world’s most innovative companies.  The company is an ISO Certified, global data center developer and operator owned by IPI Data Center Partners (IPI) and is an award-winning industry leader in building, owning, and operating highly efficient, cost-effective wholesale, colocation, and cloud data centers. Each of its national facilities meet or exceed the highest industry standards in all operational categories of availability, security, connectivity, and physical resilience. Recognized for its consistent excellence, STACK INFRASTRUCTURE is dedicated to maintaining its reputation of reliability and best-in-class management while offering flexible solutions to meet the needs of its clients. STACK is pioneering a new level of service on a scale not previously found in the competitive data center development, wholesale, colocation, and cloud services marketplace.

With a client-first approach, STACK delivers a comprehensive suite of wholesale build-to suit, colocation, and powered shell solutions in eight markets today: Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; New Albany, Ohio; Northern Virginia; Portland, Oregon; Phoenix, Arizona; and Silicon Valley, California. With unparalleled existing and flexible expansion capacity in the leading availability zones, STACK offers the scale and geographic reach that rapidly growing hyperscale and enterprise companies need. The world runs on data. Data runs on STACK.


As the largest private data center platform in the US, STACK has established high quality infrastructure with 100+MW and 2 million rentable sq ft in the top 8 US markets. STACK’s blue-chip clients include companies in the following sectors:


STACK’s current expansion capacity of 1GW across 700+ acres allows them to focus on serving the hyperscale market without additional purchases or acquisition. Along with scaling the business, the next chapter also includes numerous expansion projects in other major US markets, as well as increasing the depth of its relationships with its blue-chip clients and enriching its relationships with top prospective clients. It is a great moment to join STACK’s organization as they gain even more momentum. At a moment where data is now competitive advantage in driving customer experience, revenue, and business growth, hyperscaler buyers are coming to realize that ‘The world runs on data. Data runs on STACK.’



STACK’s leadership team’s accomplishments in the data center space speak for themselves –

50+ data centers designed, constructed, opened, and operating

100+ years of continuous data center operations

26 different markets deployed, and counting

16GW of launched, leased, and managed space

350MW of retrofits and expansions

$2.9 Billion of real estate transactions

Learn more about STACK’s Executive Team HERE.

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IPI Partners is an investment firm focused on data centers and other technology and connectivity-related real assets. STACK Infrastructure is IPI’s primary and principal data center platform. IPI is sponsored by ICONIQ Capital, LLC (“ICONIQ”) and an affiliate of Iron Point Partners, LLC (“Iron Point”).

  • In 2019, STACK issued over $1 billion in Asset Backed Notes
  • Investment Grade Credit Rating (A-) by S&P Global


As a company, STACK prides itself on achieving client relationships built on mutual transparency and respect. The company attributes this success to its focus on the “Client Experience,” which is only made possible by its people and resources. Instead of providing a ‘product’, STACK differentiates itself by focusing on developing dedicated Client Success Teams which are chartered with providing ‘solutions’ to each particular Client’s unique requirements.

In addition to everyone working to increase the depth of client relationships, STACK also fosters an atmosphere that appropriately promotes fun amongst its employees and recognizes them for their hard work and successes.

“STACK-o-lades” give managers the opportunity to praise their team members for their hard work with gift cards, spot bonuses, and recognition within the company. Quarterly nominations are submitted, and both the nominee and nominator are rewarded, promoting collective positivity. STACK focuses on the little things that foster goodwill and help keep everyone stay engaged.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team participated in themed video meetings and video happy hours. Of course, on May the Fourth, the company decided on a STARWARS themed call.



The Data Center Campus at AllianceTexas is a joint venture between STACK, Hillwood Development, and IPI Partners and offers massive scale, dedicated substations, pad-ready entitled land, expedited permitting, tax incentives, and low-cost power. Hyperscalers can deploy rapidly in the lowest Total Cost of Occupancy (TCO) major market in the country.

400+ Critical Megawatts Provisioned.

400+ Acre Data Center Masterplan.


7 Megawatts

105,000 Sq Ft

POWER STACK: Immediately available shell capacity.

READY STACK: RackReady data halls.


20 Megawatts

6 Acres

POWER STACK: Immediately available shell capacity.

READY STACK: RackReady data halls.

Expansion Campus

48 Megawatts

39 Acres


13 Megawatts

221,000 Sq Ft

POWER STACK: Immediately available shell capacity.

READY STACK: RackReady data halls.

Expansion Campus

24 Megawatts

4 Acres


21 Megawatts

318,000 Sq Ft

POWER STACK: Private data halls.

READY STACK: Multi-client data halls.


12 Megawatts

157,000 Sq Ft

POWER STACK: Private data halls.

READY STACK: Multi-client data halls.

Expansion Campus

30 Megawatts

10 Acres

Immediately adjacent to the existing data center.


4 Megawatts

113,000 Sq Ft

READY STACK: RackReady data halls.

Expansion Campus

32 Megawatts

17 Acres

Immediately adjacent to existing data center.


18 Megawatts

180,000 Sq Ft

POWER STACK: Immediately available shell capacity.

READY STACK: RackReady data halls.


NEW – Capacity comes to the Southwest.

150+ Megawatts

1,000,000 Sq Ft

79 Acres


24 Megawatts

345,000 Sq Ft

POWER STACK: Immediately available shell capacity.

READY STACK: RackReady data halls.

Expansion Campus

60+ Megawatts

35 Acres

Neighboring campuses in immediate proximity.


9 Megawatts

140,000 Sq Ft

POWER STACK: Immediately available shell capacity.

Expansion Campus

32 Megawatts

5 Acres



Campus & Build-to-Suit Options

As your business and infrastructure needs evolve, count on STACK’s proven development expertise and expansive inventory to design and construct a custom solution capable of supporting the industry’s most intensive compute and storage needs.

Sourced and Customized to Address the Largest Elements of Your Infrastructure Stack

  • Access immediate campus capacity across a range of U.S. availability zones
  • Collaborate with us to design, engineer, construct, and deliver a tailored solution solving your technical and business needs
  • Address your current needs and future requirements with our near-limitless land and power capacity


Data Center-Ready Powered Shells

With POWER STACK™ capacity at the ready across our portfolio, we can partner with you to rapidly deliver a customized data center solution enabling speed of execution in your most important locations.

  • Immediately available shell capacity ensures rapidly deployed custom solutions
  • Rapid expansion options enabling capacity-on-demand
  • Building solutions offer partnership opportunities for service providers seeking a branded data center experience





Data Center-Ready Powered Shells

From a 250 kW cage to a 30,000 square foot private data hall, STACK’s RackReady® solutions enable your rapid server deployments with data center capacity and flexibility for growth.

  • Turnkey solution encompassing design and installation based on your requirements
  • Immediately available capacity in critical regions across the U.S.
  • Space, power, and connectivity solutions ensure your IT infrastructure is optimized









STACK Infrastructure’s Sales Director will devise, execute, and lead the near and long term revenue plan to achieve STACK’s strategic MRR leasing growth milestones and objectives. Near term the charter Is to lease STACK’s available colocation space in Chicago, IL and New Albany, OH. To this end we are looking for an experienced B2B, enterprise colocation sales professional with a demonstrated MRR achievement history to effectively lease available space as well as gain interest and commitments to utilize the acres of available adjacent land in both locations.

The Sales Director’s charter is to partner with STACK’s most significant influencers and decision makers to make them aware of STACK’s capabilities to provide hyperscale campuses, build-to-suit data centers, colocation capacity, private data halls, and powered shell options. STACK’s commitment and partnership approach provides a significant competitive advantage in solving holistic and complex demands for highly reliable and resilient critical infrastructure.

Ty Miller, Chief Revenue Officer, has authored a unique Go-To-Market strategy based on his 15+ years demonstrated success engaging with sophisticated, high value Clients. He has an exceptional team with experience leasing space in built data center environments. The Sales Director is expected to formulate their local go to market strategy and holistic revenue achievement plan in a manner that scales to wholesale requirements and STACK’s broader platform offering. Demonstration of local revenue achievement significantly affects the timing and manifestation of STACK’s longer-term growth strategy. The Sales Director’s level of impact and ability to ‘move the needle’ defines the STACK’s core career value proposition.




The Sales Director will own relationships with Clients and prospects representing the top lessees of data center capacity in the Midwest Region. It is expected he/she will –

  • Develop and maintain relationships at the most senior levels of each target Client, across functions and lines of business which influence data center capacity planning.
  • Intimately understand Client’s strategy for data center deployments, by geography, design intent, and product type.
  • Meet and exceed targeted account plans to include build-to-suit, powered shell, colocation, and buy leaseback offerings
  • Develop and report intelligence and pipeline activities on a regular basis to be resourced by the revenue acquisition team, company executives, and investor interests in market data.
  • Work cross-functionally with internal business units to support current leasing activities.
  • Maintain relationships with strategic partnerships and alliances in the data center capital development ecosystem who also support current and prospective Clients.





Broadly we are looking for ambitious, client centric, fiscally astute, business development professionals who offer mission critical real estate IT outsourcing solutions to enterprises and hyperscalers. These could range from design-build, powered shells, colocation, or buy leaseback options on an increasingly large scale.

More specifically we are looking for candidates with –

  • Current, trusted partner relationships with top targeted data center Clients
  • Demonstrated expertise managing strategic Client pursuits and partnerships reflected in long view account strategy, solutions orientation, and relationship selling
  • History of increasingly more complex colocation deals and agreement structures
  • Ambition to represent larger scale deals in the form of wholesale offerings
  • Deep understanding of market, vertical, and clients’ business and competitors
  • Strong knowledge of enterprise IT workloads, requirements, and future technology trends
  • Successful track record of selling high profile solutions to Regional
  • Experience negotiating complex contractual terms and conditions
  • Gravitas and professionalism reflected in both verbal and written communications for presentations and reporting
  • Undergraduate education – BA or BS (i.e. Strategy, Marketing, Business, etc.) or equivalent business experience. Postgraduate level qualification MA, MS, or MBA favorable




Revenue Generation – Demonstrated history of revenue generation accountability and performance relative to plan.

Sophistication – An experienced business, revenue, and deal development professional demonstrated by breadth and extent of valued solutions provided.

Rolodex – Demonstrated history of engagement with influencers of outsourced critical infrastructure decisions at large enterprise companies in the Midwest region.

Relevance – Recognized as a credible and respected thought leader demonstrated by active participation in events, affiliations, and partnerships in the Region..

Ambition – Self-starting individual contributor, eager to compete, and add value to clients requirements. These achievements will lead to significant professional growth within STACK.

Horsepower – Intellectual horsepower with financial and business acumen to relate to STACK’s ecosystem of Client and investment influencers.




Charter – STACK is creating a sustained competitive advantage by setting a new standard for client experiences. The world runs on data. Data runs on STACK.

Platform – STACK’s 105MW of existing space coupled with their 1000MW and 700+ acres of expansion capacity to serve hyperscale client growth demands has no peer in the private data center market.

Timing – Social and economic fundamentals driving data center infrastructure demand are unprecedented and forecasted to continue unabated for an unforeseen period.

Team – STACK’s leadership is comprised of the most credentialed leading an exceptional platform during a period of growth momentum for near term outcomes and future growth.

Capital Partners – IPI Data Center Partners, representing a general partnership between Iron Point Partners & ICONIQ Capital, comprise an elite group of investors, partnerships, and guidance of some of the most successful professional investors in history.

Culture – This is a lean, humble, non-hierarchical, and ambitious environment with an entrepreneurial fire to capitalize, collaborate, and embrace every colleague’s intellectual contribution to the success of STACK.

Colleagues – STACK’s leadership pedigree reflects exceptional and distinct early experience with data center companies that have grown to massive success. This is their opportunity to lead by applying their collaborative best practices.




The compensation package will be determined relative to the final candidate’s current circumstance and specific requirements. The package is expected to include a competitive base salary, an attractive performance compensation program, and health benefits.




Following a thorough exchange of information relating to company information, resume, and key qualifying criteria, CFS Partners anticipates recommending a short list of candidates to Ty Miller, Chief Revenue Officer, by the end of July 2020. Finalists will meet with other members of the Business Development and senior leadership team. The selected finalist will be presented with a compelling and competitive offer contingent on background check and thorough references.

For additional information or to schedule a time to connect, contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at andy@criticalfacility.com.