REPORTS TO Colin Clish, President
DATE February, 2024
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Data Center Campuses – Infrastructure Ready

PointOne is a land and data center developer specializing in creating infrastructure-ready hyperscale data center sites and leveraging them into data center builds. They solve customers’ capacity planning challenges by making earlier investments in sites and shortening our customers’ time-to-market. PointOne ensures land is infrastructure-ready with appropriate zoning, master planning and utility infrastructure in place drastically reducing schedule and cost risk.

PointOne understands the deployment issues customers face and creates customized solutions to solve these issues, offering vetted land with planned utility infrastructure, scalability, and innovative data center design. PointOne campuses come retrofitted with power, water, and fiber requirements, minimizing time to market to deliver customized data center builds. Their team partners with customers to design build-to-suit facilities on vetted land and offers full turn-key data center solutions.

PointOne is engaged with Solomon Partners to find a long-term investment group to act as  a partner for:

  1. Development of initial three scalable data center sites in Northern and Central Virginia.
  2. Ongoing site selection and site acquisition efforts to scale the p

This investment group will allow PointOne to scale their internal team and build competitive supply chain, sustainability and operations programs and take the next step to grow from land developers to data center owner/operators.



Co-founders and Partners Colin Clish and Keith Frieser both have deep histories in real estate development and foresaw the asset class of data centers as highly viable and valuable. They recognized their capital markets expertise applied to industrial real estate development success could be applied to the growing state of data center development.

2017:               PointOne was founded by Colin Clish & Keith Frieser.

2018:               PointOne acquired land in Remington (234-acres; 400MW critical capacity).

2018:               PointOne acquired land in Virginia Beach, VA (11-acres).

2018:              PointOne took on a family office partner, allowing PointOne to conduct required on-site diligence and pre-development work

2019/2020:    Work on pre-development preparations for Remington and Virginia Beach sites.

2021:               PointOne began working on our site in Ashburn, VA (26-acres in Sterling, VA). The site is in the Dominion Energy power transmission issue area in Loudoun County, so alternative power solutions were explored.

2022:              On-going site work at Remington, Virginia Beach & Ashburn.

2023:              PointOne tied up lands for our Richmond campus (250-acres in Charles City County) and began conceptual planning.

PointOne has progressed diligently in the acquisition of new sites to develop and now have a portfolio of offerings of shovel ready campuses to offer to the market. They see the data center market as maturing broadly into secondary markets and are well positioned to capitalize on their plans.


PointOne chose their original sites with the theory that the market in Virginia would move further into central and southern Virginia as power constraints impacted Northern Virginia. This thesis was in fact correct and is coming to fruition. PointOne is leveraging their existing three sites (Ashburn, Remington, and Richmond) to launch a build to suit platform and are actively looking to acquire additional sites and begin the early pre-development process on those sites.

These market dynamics focus on access to high voltage power are occurring in all Tier 1 markets in the near to mid-term. PointOne leveraged their ability to identify and develop sites early and has evolved to a trusted turn-key developer. PointOne aims to streamline the data center development process from site identification to build-out, giving clients a competitive edge in speed to market in offering capacity.



PointOne specializes in developing infrastructure-ready sites, allowing customers to rapidly scale their deployment. Characteristics include –

– Long-lead development work underway
– Zoning, permitting, community engagement.
– Established utility and alternative power options.
– Vetted network connectivity options.
– Advanced diligence work

PointOne offers:

  1. Vetted Land: PointOne offers vetted land with the utility infrastructure and scalability required for data center development, allowing customers to mitigate the risk of land acquisition.
  2. Build-To-Suit: PointOne is dedicated to delivering data center solutions that best meet customer’s evolving needs, with a preference for build-to-suit options. PointOne may be open to powered shells on certain sites moving forward.
  3. Customized Solutions: Retaining flexibility to create customized solutions to solve customer’s deployment issues is a core tenant of PointOne’s business plan.

PointOne is foundationally positioned and poised for growth. With the addition of a few strategic executive hires the rate of success for leasing and new campus developments are expected to ramp up dramatically. PointOne is on the precipice of dramatic success, having positioned themselves in this market having solved the most pressing demands of their target market – available capacity with power.


PointOne’s current portfolio includes over 500-acres (and almost 1GW of leasable capacity) across 3 hyperscale campuses across Virginia, USA.


ASHBURN CAMPUS – Data Center Alley

26 Acres : Scalable to 108MW across 2 buildings
Buildings will be between 2-4 stories
Ability to build up 650,000 SF
Currently completing conceptual design
6-year project duration


234 Acres : Scalable to 440MW
50MW of Immediately available power
Shovel-ready for immediate construction
5 -7 year project duration
Customizable design and campus master planning
Multiple fiber providers running or adjacent to the site
Potential for large scale renewable generation

RTP Spec Sheet

RTP Video Presentation


250 Acres : Scalable to 440MW
Proximity to E. Richmond Meta & QTS Campuses
Completing Pre-Development Work
5 – 7 year project duration
Site segmented into individual parcels for BTS data centers
On-site substations planned for up to 440MW of leasable capacity

Moving forward, site selection focuses on Tier 1 adjacent markets and aim to bank footprints (~200-300MW each) into 5-7 markets across North America.





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Chief Legal Officer & SVP

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Director of Development



Director of Development

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Director of Corporate Development

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PointOne is engaged with Solomon Partners (https://solomonpartners.com) to complete a financing raise to support our initial three projects and long-term growth. We are currently finalizing materials with the aim of going to market at the end of March 2024. Based on campus development leasing traction and pipeline, PointOne has its sights firmly set on a macro goal of a multibillion-dollar value creation.

Initial funding has been provided by family office capital. Further details related to the family office, balance sheet, and capital raise status and plans will be made available to candidate’s contingent on mutual agreement to proceed following initial conversations with Colin Clish.


The Vice President of Design & Construction (VPDC) will report to Colin Clish and oversee the strategic and practical delivery aspects of all design and construction for PointOne’s existing and future campus locations. The VPDC’s charter is to provide the organization with high conviction that capital plans for campus development meet the investment thesis and remain in parallel with forecasts. The VPDC will leverage their expertise in contributing to the collective vision shared by the investment team and shareholders. He/She will ensure the design and development of data center campuses meet the rapidly evolving and ever-changing definitions and demands of hyperscale customers. This will require executive oversight and synthesis of design, financing, procurement, product, sales, and operational inputs into a progressive and efficient delivery platform.

The VPDC will be an innovative executive with demonstrated experience leading a culture of best practice excellence. He / She will establish design and construction processes, methodologies, policies, practices, and standards to ensure the highest level of client service and performance reliability. Apparent command of critical facility design, engineering, construction, and sustainability principles, practices, and procedures are crucial. An ambition to think and act strategically and articulate an effective vision for green techniques, procurement, and other progressive efficiencies are base criterion for success.

The VPDC will contribute their data center subject matter expertise in the strategy, finance, leasing, design, engineering, construction, leasing, and operations of sustainable data center infrastructure to include –

– Leadership of design and construction teams to ensure seamless delivery of new inventory on named campuses.
– Explain via business case presentation the relevancy of information to executive and board level individuals.
– Exceptional analytical and decision-making skills required for understanding and evaluating complex problems, including analyzing, identifying, and selecting the best solution.
– Able to prioritize work based on business and customer demands, articulate concepts and ideas to a non-technical audience, and lead customer-requested business reviews and audits.
– Provide thought leadership as PointOne looks to remain nimble and evolve its product delivery to meet progressive market demand.
– Collaborate to develop plans and strategies aligned with investment and revenue goals and keeping inventory ahead of leasing requirements.
– Identify process improvement and cost savings. Evaluate, implement, and resolve as needed.
– Strong understanding of data center design and how it impacts SLA agreements.
– Manage and positively influence key customer relationships, vendors, and partners in the design, build, procurement, commissioning, and turnover to operations ecosystem.
– Oversight and accountability for preparing, presenting, negotiating, and delivering to appropriately risk managed contractual obligations.
– Implement and manage programs for safety, maintenance, process improvement, business continuity, and certification and qualification for personnel.
– Provide valued and insightful input into the annual budgeting and planning process.


Data Center Design & Construction – Evaluating the breadth and complexity of data center environments designed & built.

– Demonstrated success in a breadth of large capacity design requirements resulting in an immersed library of knowledge to apply to customer requirements, including ESG.
– Extent of project list of data centers constructed reflecting a breadth of topologies in terms of size, locations, complexities, and customers.
– A track record of delivering products and projects safely, on schedule, and under budget.
– Demonstrated command of the design build contract theatre of engineers, contractors, suppliers, labor, safety, security, audit, and public / municipal authorities.

 Business Acumen – Growth oriented commercial disposition with innovative thought leadership eager to contribute value. Understanding of human capital leverage, resource allocation, and technology utilization leading to efficiencies and profitability.

 Financial Acumen  Experience in a data center real estate invested environment with requirements for investor rates of return, customer acquisition, and platform standardization for increased value creation.

Leadership – Experience integrating geographically disparate resources and services to a common platform. History of empowering teams via servant leadership which aligns visions and builds an empowered culture.

Entrepreneurial – Ambition, courage, and eagerness to grow a greenfield business initiative. Embrace a lean, self-starting, accountable, and energetic environment where ideas and daily activities define ambiguity and impacts PointOne’s resulting value creation.



Chapter – The market is rife, and the table is set for an accomplished VPDC to apply their formidable skills to a healthy and established business at its growth inflection point.

Impact – The VPDC will put their fingerprint on a transformative business, impacting every stakeholder, from investors, to customers, partners, and employees.

Leadership – PointOne’s leadership credentials represent an attractive and impressive collegial environment to achieve their value growth plan. The SLT and Board are excited and convicted about their near term and future achievements together.

Culture – Effective performance in a formative growth chapter organization requires every member to possess pride of ownership, ambition, and conviction. Candor and transparency of communication at all levels is paramount.

Financial Strength – PointOne’s founders and partners have an extraordinary track record of identifying value, positioning themselves in the right market at the right time, and ensuring enduring success for leadership and employees.

Investment Partners – PointOne’s investment partners and Board members bring both credibility and experience necessary to effectively navigate the capital markets to identify the most productive financial partners to support future growth.


The compensation package for the VPDC will be determined on a case-by-case basis, relative to the finalist candidate requirements. It will include a competitive base salary, annual performance bonus, comprehensive health package, and long-term incentive compensation in the form of equity based on project and performance milestones.



Following a thorough exchange of company information, resume, and key qualifying criteria, CFS Partners anticipates recommending a short list of candidates to Colin Clish, President. Select finalists will have the opportunity to review additional information under NDA in order to prepare questions and present their strategic perspective. Upon mutual decision to proceed, we’ll connect finalists with additional members of the Senior Leadership Team and Board. A finalist will be selected and offer extended, the acceptance of which will be contingent upon positive references and background check.

For additional information or to schedule a time to connect, contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at andy@criticalfacility.com.