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February 2024


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Endeavour Inspired Infrastucture (Endeavour) is building companies to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges by developing breakthrough technologies, launching companies that harness them, and make sustainable infrastructure affordable and ubiquitous. Endeavour  works at global scale, partnering with leaders in IT, property, and energy to deliver sustainable solutions that allow them to achieve their zero carbon and water neutral goals.

Jakob Carnemark is the CEO and Founder of Endeavour. He’s widely regarded as a one of the world’s leading pioneer, visionary, and technologist relating to digital infrastructure. He’s built a remarkable career as a big thinker attacking big problems in a interdisciplinary, pragmatic, and practical manner. Jakob saw the world’s overdue need for a new approach to water, waste, and energy infrastructure decades ago and has been working tirelessely to bring the Endeavor purpose and mission to life.

– One that delivers clean water to everyone. 30% of the world population lacks access to safe water at home.
– One that makes renewable energy easier and less expensive than fossil fuels. 90% of transportation energy used in the US in 2021 was petroleum based.
– One that transforms waste into valuable commodities. 91% of plastic produced has never been recycled.

Endeavour is purpose-built to support the reliable, rapid growth and sustainable operations of global cloud & logistics companies by –

– Developing the core technologies needed for sustainable IT & logistics.
– Validating and scaling solutions with top utilities & manufacturers.
– Deploying distributed energy & IT infrastructure with cloud companies



Endeavour is a mission-driven innovation platform reinventing infrastructure to tackle global challenges and help balance the planet. At the forefront of innovation, Endeavour is developing an integrated sustainable infrastructure technologies. They develop the core technologies needed for sustainable industry, validate and scale solutions with top utilities and manufacturers, and deploy distributed energy and IT infrastructure with industry partners.

These partnerships make it possible for Endeavour to scale breakthrough technologies that make clean water and renewable energy affordable and accessible to communities worldwide. Endeavour reinvests profits from the companies that we launch to create a continuous, self-sustaining cycle of innovative solutions for many of the world’s greatest challenges.

Endeavour has several solutions which will reduce water usage, to provide clean and renewable power, and to eliminate waste. The Edged platform is currently building zero-water, zero-carbon data centers in Europe, with a patented waterless cooling solution from our Thermal Works team. The GridBlock group will be deploying a plug-and-play “smart” energy router for EV fleet charging, which has multiple charging ports, receives and distributes both AC and DC power, and can even supply power back to the grid. The TurboCell team will be launching a turbine that runs on clean fuels, such as the clean diesel and green hydrogen created by the Pact group’s waste-to-fuels unit. Pact’s waste-to-fuels unit converts plastic waste, that otherwise would not be recycled, into clean fuel for jets, diesel trucks, and heavy machinery.

Endeavour develops small, distributed systems based on modular components which achieve  economies of scale through replication, not concentration. This allows building resilient systems, iterating rapidly, and driving down costs enough to make sustainable infrastructure ubiquitous worldwide.

Endeavour was conceived as a Sustainable Habitat for Innovation towards a Purpose (SHIP). This model allows Endeavor to maintain financial independence and provides the ability to redeploy profits from the companies launched to self-fund new innovations. This model provides flexibility to navigate between short-term market opportunities and audacious long-term goals. It also creates a unique atmosphere that encourages cross-pollination and attracts a crew of passionate world-changers.

Portfolio companies most closely integrated with Edged include –

Cooling Systems – THERMALWORKS advanced waterless cooling transforms commercial cooling with modular and scalable zero-water solutions that out-perform air-and water-cooled systems in any climate. Thermalworks is a differentiation for the manner in which Edged develops its data centers offering the ability to deliver best in industry mechanical cooling for the emerging high density data centers now required by heavy compute and AI.  Where other data center providers find themselves in a position of having to retrofit to accomodate these densities, Edged can accomodate requirements on Day 1, all with best in class PUE efficiency.  A true win-win.  Sustainable for our world and efficiency for customers.

The Next phase of Endeavour technologies for Edged Data Centers will include, importantly, Grid Block and Turbo Cell –

EV Charging & Microgrids – GRIDBLOCK is mainstreaming modular microgrids, rolling out plug-and-play modular power infrastructure to simplify solar, storage, EV fleet charging, and distributed generation.

Monitoring Solutions – GIGAGRID is scaling the ‘Active Grid,’ helping utilities profitably transition from a traditional centralized grid to the increasingly decentralized remote monitoring and autonomous control solutions.

Waste to Fuel Solutions – Pact is fueling the carbon shift by scaling novel technology that makes reliable, local hydrogen and biofuels affordable anywhere in the world. This enables critical industries like data centers and steelmakers to eliminate their carbon footprint affordably.

Water Solutions – VOLTEK WATER is developing affordable, low-energy, desalination and atmospheric water technologies which makes clean water available to everyone, anywhere in the world.

The TurboCell team will be launching a turbine that runs on clean fuels, such as the clean diesel and green hydrogen created by our Pact group’s waste-to-fuels unit. Additional details forthcoming.


A subsidiary of Endeavour with a platform designed to scale rapidly, Edged is building a gigawatt-scale worldwide network of hyper efficient and waterless co-location data centers representing best-in industry sustainability performance. The CRO opportunity is specific to North America.

Edged develops data centers for positive impact. Edged is working to transform data centers into catalysts for sustainable development. To accomplish this, they are partnering with other Endeavour companies to scale sustainable technologies that are planned to support 24/7 carbon neutral operations, anywhere in the world.

Edged team of experts has decades of experience designing and deploying mission critical infrastructure at scale. Strategic supply chain agreements for power, electrical and mechanical systems have enabled Edged to grow rapidly across Europe and North America.


 – Supports AI driven rack densities – up to 70kw/rack with air cooling and up to 200kw/rack with plug and play liquid cooling integration.

 – Leading Energy Efficiency – with waterless cooling and 1.15 average PUE across the portfolio designed to cut overhead energy consumption 74% (PUE portfolio-wide)

 – Continuous systems monitoring – and secure DCIM controls platform covering all mechanical and power systems

 – 9999 – Estimated “six nines” of availability with Tier III design standards and N+1 power, UPS and cooling systems

 – Advanced Resiliency – with planned microgrid capability and long-term onsite battery storage.


Mainstreaming the sustainable data center –

Global cloud companies have all committed to bold sustainability targets for reducing energy and water consumption. The Edged platform provides an innovative and holistic solution for meeting those targets, while also cutting costs. Characteristics include –

– 15 PUE – Edged data centers are designed to deliver industry-leading average PUE of 1.15 across the portfolio.

– Hyper efficient – Edged data centers are designed to cut overhead energy consumption 74% portfolio-wide compared with the global average and operate efficiently, even in the hottest climates.

– Zero Water – Sister company ThermalWorks developed a waterless cooling system which delivers an industry first WUE of zero liters per kWh of cooling. A 100 MW Edged data center with WUE of 0.00 saves 380 million gallons of water every year.

– Solar Glass – Our data centers in Barcelona and Madrid-Getafe, Spain are covered with photovoltaic glass panels which help power the facilities.

– Biofuel Standby Power – The standby generators at Edged facilities in Spain are powered by biofuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil) which reduces their carbon emissions by 90%.

– On-site Solar Farm – Our data center in Bilbao-Arasur, Spain will operate on 100% renewable energy from an adjacent 135 MW solar farm currently under construction.




 Edged Data Centers are designed for today’s high-density AI workloads and equipped with advanced waterless cooling and ultra-efficient energy systems. The facilities will bring more than 300 MW of critical capacity with an industry-leading average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15 portfolio-wide. Edged has nearly a dozen new data centers operating or under construction across Europe and North America and a gigawatt-scale project pipeline.

The first phase of this U.S. expansion includes –

– 168 MW campus in Atlanta, GA
– 96 MW campus in Metro Chicago
– 36 MW facility in Phoenix, AZ
– 24 MW facility in Kansas City, MO

The data centers in Atlanta, Chicago and Kansas City are now under construction and will open later this year. Several more U.S. sites are expected to break ground in major urban markets in the coming months. The first 4 facilities alone are expected to save more than 1.2 billion gallons of water each year compared to conventional data centers.

The Edged platform’s rapid rollout is possible because it is designed as a fully integrated, modular system that brings together state-of-the-art electrical and waterless mechanical elements and is backed by deep supply chain partnerships. This helps lower costs, speed up construction and minimize environmental impacts.




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Edged has built a remarkably dynamic team committed to delivering on an extraordinary growth trajectory. Core to this success includes a passion for sustainable infrastructure, best in industry technology, and one of the nations leading capital partners, committed to growth with an eye toward long-term success.



 Based in Wichita, Kansas, Koch Industries, Inc. is the 2nd largest private company in the US with ~$125B in annual revenue. With 120,000 global employees in 60 countries, Koch companies offer abundant opportunities to improve life’s most necessary things – like food, clothing, water, transportation, and technology. Since 2003, Koch companies have invested nearly $150B in growth and improvements. From life’s basics to tomorrow’s technological breakthroughs, it’s our job to create and innovate a wide spectrum of products and services that make life better – and to do so responsibly while consuming fewer resources.

We live in a rapidly changing world. Our continued success depends on empowered employees who apply principles of human progress to help people improve their lives. Our approach, Principle Based Management™, encourages and equips our people to self-actualize and realize their potential by always improving, learning, and innovating.


The Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) will author and execute Edged’s go-to-market strategy to achieve total revenue plans. This requires an accomplished digital infrastructure sales leader with a demonstrated history of successfully delivering complex hyperscale and large enterprise customer capacity requirements. The CRO will guide Edged to achieve revenue objectives aligned with senior leadership team in building a thought leading, progressive, world-class business. The CRO is expected to instill an environment of positive innovation and possibilities for Edged and their customers. Edged’s entrepreneurial, fast-paced culture requires a servant leader to create an inspiring and innovative sales and customer service organization.



Revenue and Customer Engagement

– The CRO is directly accountable for Edged’s revenue creation and achieving agreed upon performance benchmarks and milestones.
– Develop and implement sales infrastructure, systems, and KPI / metrics for success.
– Manage key client relationships and actively participate in developing and closing strategic opportunities.
– Exceed client expectations by encouraging extreme customer orientation.


– The CRO is expected to think ahead, look around corners, and effectively navigate Edged to achieve near term revenue objectives balanced with healthy customer pipelines.
– Focus on profitable revenue. The CRO will focus on strategies and customers that represent profitable partnerships in the interest of achieving key EBITDA performance objectives.
– Identify mutually beneficial industry partnerships and alliances with progressive sustainability minded organizations driven with similar purpose and charters.
– Ensure accurate sales forecasting to ensure alignment with capital raise, allocation, and deployment plans. Define, analyze, and interpret key customer and revenue acquisition metrics to effectively track, manage and maximize team effectiveness.
– Establish successful sales and marketing campaigns that promote Edged unique value proposition and purpose resulting in extreme customer engagement initiatives.
– Guide necessary adaptations to product and service offerings relative to market and ongoing demands for sustainable solutions.

Executive Management

– Provide organizational leadership as a member of the Edged executive team; participate and represent Edged’s sales activities where applicable.
– Identify, recruit, acquire, organize, and develop the sales team to overachieve relative to individual and corporate performance objectives.
– Maintain the highest level of professionalism and personal integrity in making decisions, maintaining citizenship, ensuring accuracy, and providing transparency.
– Promote Edged as an earnest industry thought leader through demonstrated actions and activities. Make the right call. Fail fast. Succeed faster.
– Be the behavior you expect from your team. Break down effective go-to-market strategies related to each Edged product and solution offering to a multi-faceted team.



The CRO will be an accomplished revenue acquisition-oriented executive with demonstrated success building and managing overachieving teams. He/She will be a talent magnet to the organization by virtue of their sophisticated “chess not checkers” approach to the art of the deal.

 Event – History of value creation with a sponsor through a significant growth chapter and ideall resulted in an event – strategic M&A, recapitalization, and/or IPO.

Strategic Impact – Extent of impact in strategy and execution which moved the value creation dial and positively altered the company’s success trajectory.

 Build to Suit – Extent of experience and success selling BTS and/or campus solutions to hyperscale and enterprise customers. Edged will redefine traditional cost, growth, and margin models to change OPEX vs CAPEX, ROI, & TCO propositions.

 Revenue – History of performance achieving / exceeding revenue and MW targets in a wholesale and/or colocation environment. Fundamental understanding of consultative, solutions sales process for a new era of colocation and build to suit solutions.

 Customers – Extent of history and immersion working in partnership to achieve complex solutions with the target customer base. Proven reliable and credible across the market.

 Culture – Preexisting alignment with Edged & Endeavor’s sustainability charter and mission

 Leadership – Successful history of and a passion for hiring and inspiring high performing revenue acquisition teams to success



Charter – Edged represents a purpose and mission to forever change digital infrastructure’s consumption characteristics which threaten the world’s most precious resources. The current development plan’s size and scale has already achieved meaningful impact.

 Platform – Edged’s existing and planned data center development is outpacing the competition in the data center market via their highly purposeful and efficient integrated products, supply chain, technologies, and modular construction strategies.   

 Timing Social and economic fundamentals driving increasingly responsible and sustainable data center infrastructure demand are unprecedented and forecasted to continue unabated for an unforeseen period.

TeamEdged’s leadership pedigree reflects exceptional and distinct early experience with data center designs, technologies, and companies that have grown to massive success. This is their next opportunity to lead by applying their collaborative best practices.

 Capital Partners Koch Industries comprise an elite group of investors, partnerships, and guidance for aspiring innovative organizations with a purpose to improve lives. Since 1961, the growth of Koch Industries has outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly 26 to 1.

 Culture This is a lean, humble, non-hierarchical, and ambitious environment with an entrepreneurial fire to capitalize, collaborate, and embrace every colleague’s intellectual contribution to the success of Edged.

 Difference – Edged’s value proposition to the market and their customers simultaneously achieve sustainable and environmental impact initiatives that eliminate carbon emissions from what was the largest carbon producing industry in the world.



The compensation package will be determined relative to the final candidate’s current circumstance and specific requirements. The package is expected to include a competitive base salary, annual performance compensation, health benefits, and long-term incentive compensation in the form of in the form of profit awards pursuant to a company Management Incentive Plan.



Following the receipt of a resume and mutually addressing Key Qualifying Criteria, culture fit, and professional motivation, we’ll make an Introduction to Bryant Farland, CEO in early March 2024. Finalists will meet with other members of Edged senior leadership team and select members of the Board. The selected finalist will be presented with a compelling and competitive offer contingent on background check and thorough references.

For additional information or to schedule a time to connect, contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at andy@criticalfacility.com.