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June 2023

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EdgeCore prioritizes client obsession in developing, operating, and leasing data centers to the world’s largest cloud, internet, and technology companies. Privately held, with committed institutional equity to fund large-scale client requirements up to an aggregate of $4.0 billion, EdgeCore has proactively invested in four power-and shovel-ready campuses in North America capable of supporting development of 735+ utility MW, and has the ability to expand investment.


EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure is a preeminent U.S. developer, owner and operator of highly scalable, cloud-connected, wholesale data center campuses, providing solutions to the Global 2000, including hyperscale cloud and Internet companies. EdgeCore is currently developing data center campuses in Phoenix, Northern Virginia, Reno, and Silicon Valley with plans to develop campuses in additional markets. EdgeCore is committed to enabling the growth and supporting the rigorous performance specification of its customers leveraging reliable, secure, and ready-for-occupancy data center capacity.

Collectively, the EdgeCore executive team has more than 140+ years of data center experience and an institutional real estate development resume that exceeds $10B, $6B of which is specific to the data center industry. Backing from global institutional investors provides a solid foundation for the growth.


Proactive Investments In Infrastructure and Buildings

With more than USD $4.0B+ in institutional capital available for data center development, EdgeCore proactively invests in high-performance hyperscale and wholesale data center solutions on scalable campuses in key North American and European data center markets. With existing land and data center capacity of more than 470 IT MW, EdgeCore acts as an extension of customer supply chains by enabling them to grow quickly and innovate.


Efficient and Versatile Data Center Design

Designed with key customer performance specifications and needs in mind, EdgeCore’s data centers are sustainable, efficient, and reliable. Because our customers are always innovating, EdgeCore’s technical design team works tirelessly to continuously improve and offer best-in- class solutions.


Committed to Meeting Customer Needs Without Compromise

EdgeCore’s core business embodies the purest form of customer-driven ethos – we operate data centers transparently and with a fanatical focus on exceeding customer expectations. Our 24 X 7 on-site facility and security teams work tirelessly to maintain data center efficiency, reliability, and security.


EdgeCore’s industry-leading data center services have the versatility to support key customer performance specifications and ensure data center environments are reliable, secure, and sustainable.

Best-In-Class Design and Services: EdgeCore’s data center critical infrastructure, power, network, and processes and procedures reflect best-in-class standards that align with customer requirements, while also allowing customers the ability to conform each data hall to unique performance specifications.
Compliant: EdgeCore has developed and implemented a compliance program based on customer requirements and industry best practices to monitor controls across the organization. Current certifications include SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS. EdgeCore works with an independent accounting firm to annually review and attest to compliance with these standards, and it can obtain additional standards, as required by customers.
Connected: EdgeCore offers low-latency direct fiber connectivity from leading carriers at each of its data center locations.
Efficient: EdgeCore continuously works to advance its designs and practices to drive improvements in Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) and Water Utilization Effectiveness (WUE). Once operational, EdgeCore uses state-of-the-art building management systems to operate to design standards.
Versatile: EdgeCore selects campuses and designs its data center buildings to offer customers the upmost versatility when implementing their exacting specifications.
Resilient & Reliable: EdgeCore offers a 100% uptime SLA and concurrently maintainable electrical and mechanical infrastructure designs that support 2N, N+1, and N customer requirements.
Safe: From site selection to design, construction, and operations, EdgeCore is committed to safeguarding the well-being of its employees, partners, customers, and communities. Same of its partners and vendors.
Secure: To align with the rigorous security requirements of our customers, EdgeCore’s standard design includes 24 X 7 security shifts, robust access and video monitoring systems, reporting, and operational excellence.
Sustainable: EdgeCore evidences its commitment to established Environmental, Social, and Governance goals in every stage of the data center lifecycle, from development to operations.



EdgeCore’s strategically-located Ashburn campus is comprised of 348,000 square feet of space and capable of supporting 54 MW of critical load. Clients in EdgeCore’s purpose-built Ashburn data centers have options for powered shell, infrastructured shell and turn-key deployments and N, N+1 and 2N configurations throughout the LEED designed campus.


Located just outside Phoenix, EdgeCore’s Phoenix data center campus is comprised of 1.13 million square feet of space. With the capability to support 170 MW of critical load, EdgeCore clients in Phoenix enjoy the option of powered shell, infrastructured shell and turn-key deployment options for their business needs. Clients further benefit from TPT and Use Tax exemptions, low-cost utility power and a design PUE.


EdgeCore’s Reno data center campus supports 180 MW of critical load across more than 1.3 million square feet of data center space. An on-site substation will provide power to five data centers planned for this campus, enabling deployment options including turn-key, powered shell, and build-to-suit solutions. With sub-six millisecond round trip latency to the Bay Area, low-cost utility power including renewable options and a design PUE of <1.25, EdgeCore’s Reno campus offers an intelligent solution to mission-critical client requirements.


EdgeCore’s Silicon Valley campus, strategically-located in Santa Clara, California, is capable of supporting 72 MW of critical load, across 540,000 square feet of space. The EdgeCore campus in Silicon Valley is purpose-built with options for powered shell, infrastructured shell and turn-key deployments. The LEED designed campus offers N, N+1, and 2N configurations.


Lee Kestler


Jeff Dorr

Co-Founder and CFO

Matt Muell

Co-Founder & SVP, Development

Julie Brewer

SVP, Finance & Co-Head Executions

Therese Kerfoot

SVP, Operations

Justin Taylore

SVP, General Counsel & Co-Head of Executions

Tom Traugott

SVP, Strategy

Brian Tidd

SVP, Accounting & Reporting

Daryl Jacobson

Vice President, Build-to-Suit Program Manager

Jeremy Meyers

Vice President, Real Estate & Infrastructure Business Development

Wylie Nelson

Vice President, Product & Land Acquisition

Harrison Stoll

Vice President, Operations

Feather Bokker

Vice President, Programs & Compliance

Kyle Van Andel

Vice President, IT

Jason Evans

VP Energy and Utility Infrastructure

Courtney Gaudet

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Learn More About The Edgecore Leadership Team – https://www.edgecore.com/about/team


Partners Group is a large, independent investment firm that is truly dedicated to private markets. They are fully aligned with their clients and provide bespoke solutions to institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and private investors globally.

Partners Group has over 1,800 employees, including more than 550 private markets investment professionals, across 20 offices. Their global footprint is built on the deep experience and expertise of our local teams.

They are among the most consistently top performing firms in private markets globally.

Key Data

−  $135B in assets under management

−  $195B invested since 1996

−  ~800 Institutional clients

−  ~200M client beneficiaries

−  Over 250,000 portfolio company employees


Reporting to Therese Kerfoot, the Director Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) is a foundational member of EdgeCore’s constructions and operations teams. He/she will be focused on establishing, monitoring, and fostering a deeply rooted EHS-focused culture providing leadership, management, and strategic direction to foster adoption, alignment, and continuous improvement within the organization and for relevant vendors and supply chain providers. The DEHS will lead and influence behavior of the construction and operations teams to achieve the program’s goals. He/She will embrace the importance of developing and maintaining positive partnerships and work collaboratively with those teams.



−Manage EdgeCore’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) program, predominately related to construction and operations activities, by ensuring the policies are current, comprehensive, and closely followed.

−Establish and grow positive cross-functional relationships with construction and operations teams, as well as their vendors, by communicating extensively to gain alignment on strategic priorities and to drive a positive culture of safety, one that works to consistently improve process, procedure, and awareness.

−Regularly review written documentation and risk mitigation plans, including Site Safety Plans, Job Hazard Analysis, Health Risk Assessments, lifting plans, safe plans of action, EdgeCore’s EHS plan, etc. Assist teams in identifying high-risk activities or hazardous conditions, planning for potential risks / hazards using then-current best practices, supporting execution in a manner that eliminates or controls risks, and fully integrating lessons learned into EdgeCore’s EHS program.

−Ensure EdgeCore’s high EHS standards are followed during construction projects and as part of day-to-day operational activities, including compliance with local regulatory and statutory EHS requirements, through a visible presence and active participation, inspections, and observations of day-to-day EHS implementation.

−Develop EHS initiatives and campaigns, including structured EHS award and recognition programs, to drive the safety culture by encouraging and promoting positive awareness and active participation by all individuals.

−Assess the performance of EdgeCore and its vendors against established key performance indicators (KPIs), which may vary by project, through audits, reporting, and safety reviews.

−Develop and manage a corporate EHS training program tailored to the needs of each functional department. Conduct and track employee and vendor performance in training exercises that align with the goals and objectives of both the EHS program and the functional teams.

−Support the construction and operations teams in assessing and documenting accidents, incidents, and near-misses through robust incident reports that follow the Five Why’s technique. Monitor the implementation of corrective and preventative measures. Lead injury case management.

−Ensure the EHS program, its activities and incident reporting practices, meet customer contract requirements. Participate in customer-facing safety engagements as EdgeCore’s EHS representative.



− 7+ years’ experience in EHS leadership in a construction or mission critical environment.

−Demonstrated ability to identify known potential exposures and proven success with control of hazardous substance programs, incident investigations, and EHS applications.

−Excellent writing skills and ability to present information in a compelling format, as well as verbal interpersonal/communication skills.

−Must show tact, discretion, confidentiality, and good judgement in handling sensitive and confidential matters and documentation.

−A team player mentality and strong learning acumen. Candidate must be able to think strategically and work with data.

−Proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a strong sense of urgency, and to turn in quality work quickly, under strict time constraints.

−Flexibility and the desire to go above and beyond what is required of you.

−Certified Safety Professional certification from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP).

−Minimum of OSHA 30 hour training, First Aid/CPR/BBP and AED training.

−Travel is expected to be approx. 30-50% but will vary over time and based on volume of work.



− Proven experience successfully leading EHS (predominately safety) programs and initiatives in mission critical infrastructure environments, which should include:

  • Developing and managing EHS programs in an institutional, compliance-driven environment.
  • Working with cross-functional teams and their vendors to monitor and report against goals.
  • Managing incident response, including for near misses, to understand the root cause and potential comprehensive corrective actions, and ensure implementation of those recommended outcomes.
  • Communicating the program and its activities via trainings or executive-level communication.
  • Driving continous improvement in EHS programs to ensure adoption with local and national regulatory requirements and best practices.

−Ability and willingness to be the subject matter expert and EHS champion for EdgeCore, which includes developing and communicating documentation, processes, training materials, reporting, thought-leadership, and more.

−Proven track record partnering and collaborating cross-functionally and with vendors / supply chain to deliver results that include adoption of a safety culture that a) leads to the successful identification and prevention of risks and hazards, as well as b) the desire and drive to continuosouly improve processes / procedures to prevent harm.

−Excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills to work and prioritize data in a fast paced environment managing multiple simultaneous projects effectively.

−A passion for safety coupled with a team player mentality, strong learning acumen, demonstrated strong work ethic, and the desire to go above and beyond what is required of you.



Mission – EdgeCore is focused on building a great company with a vision to align investors, assets, operating approach, and customer needs. Each member of this team makes decisions every day resulting in career advancement, financial gain, lasting personal and professional relationships, and some fun along the way.

Culture – EdgeCore’s culture embodies both start-up entrepreneurialism and institutional knowledge and capabilities. EdgeCore is mission-focused and collegial, believing strongly in affording dignity and decency to all stakeholders while appreciating that accountability is a requisite component of leading a workplace rooted in justice. EdgeCore operates in principles of intense sense of commitment, customer intimacy, and energy.

Impact – This is an opportunity to put a fingerprint on a still emerging company facing unprecedented growth and scale, and an opportunity to interface with some of the largest companies in the world. The DEHS will meaningfully impact the organization’s health, welfare, and safety initiatives and how they dovetail with profitability, growth, and valuation.

Leadership – EdgeCore’s executive leadership team’s success speaks for itself with precedent experience of how new talent and perspectives support growth to date and in the near future. The whole of the team keenly enjoys exceeding growth expectations resulting in their collective personal, professional, and financial growth. Additionally, EdgeCore’s Board of Directors believes EHS Is a significant priority and views this role as keenly important.

­Focus – EdgeCore’s ability to focus on and achieve short term goals has been recognized and rewarded with the recent international recognition and sponsorship. Their goal is to remain nimble, scalable, and quick to respond, but at scale. The business model focuses on being the absolute best at what they do, and they see remarkable upside near and long term.

Financial Strength – The EdgeCore team views Partners Group as “one of the world’s most capable and sophisticated investors. We are excited to execute upon our shared vision of creating a scalable North American data center platform, and we look forward to expanding with Partners Group as we work to grow EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure beyond our initial rollout.”



Base compensation is determined on a case by case basis relative to each candidate’s specific experience and qualifications, a discretionary annual bonus based on personal and company performance, potential eligibility for long term incentive compensation, and a comprehensive benefits package.

EdgeCore is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all persons regardless of race, color, ancestry, citizenship, national origin, religion, veteran status, disability, genetic characteristic or information, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, family status, pregnancy, or other legally protected status. We do not tolerate unlawful discrimination in any employment decisions, including recruiting, hiring, compensation, promotion, benefits, discipline, termination, job assignments or training.



Following a thorough exchange of information relating to company information, resume, and key qualifying criteria, CFS Partners anticipates recommending a short list of candidates to Therese Kerfoot in late July or early August 2023. Finalists will meet with select members of the Senior Leadership Team to include Lee Kestler, Jeff Dorr, Matt Muell, and others. The selected finalist will be presented with a compelling and competitive financial and professional growth offer contingent on background check and thorough references.

For additional information or to schedule a time to connect, contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at andy@criticalfacility.com.