ColoHouse Board of Directors

May 2022

Metro Market, North America


Andy Lane @ CFS Partners

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E   andy@criticalfacility.com


ColoHouse is a worldwide retail colocation, cloud, IaaS, and managed services provider with 24 locations in 7 countries, with access to over 40 internet exchanges. ColoHouse customers have access to our world-class support team and IT experts 24/7 via phone, chat, or email. ColoHouse meets the standards for SOC 2, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, and helps customers meet criteria for HIPAA and PCI.

Since 2009, the foundation of ColoHouse’s colocation services model has been quite simple: provide quality always-on infrastructure and the most responsive support services available. They’ve delivered on this promise so much so in fact, that when surveyed, year after year their customers cite reliability as the primary reason they recommend ColoHouse.

ColoHouse’s focus remains the same – to deliver quality infrastructure, services, and support, giving customers the ability to allocate more resources toward their core business.



2021 represented a transformative year of growth for ColoHouse as their capital partners, Valterra Partners and 1547 Critical Systems Realty executed the strategic acquisitions of five companies resulting in present day ColoHouse, an integrated platform of product, services, and leadership talent poised for continued growth and scale. This strategic curation of great businesses, talent, assets, revenue, and customers in the growing but underserved “colocation + services” market created the most progressive platform in the market focused on supporting mid to large enterprise’s growing IT infrastructure demands.

The acquisitions resulted in a quality of capital, talent, technology, service delivery, and client relationships that exceeds any provider in the industry. ColoHouse today is an edge colocation and hosting platform serving increasingly complex IT Infrastructure outsourcing capacity requirements by offering large enterprises Colocation, Public & Private Cloud Services, Interconnection, and Bare Metal solutions. ColoHouse is revenue healthy, EBITDA positive, and capitalized for continued strategic acquisitions while continuing to grow their organic revenue pipeline. The Board and Senior Leadership Team are eager to mold these extraordinary resources and capabilities to achieve a collective vision of a next generation IaaS / PaaS.

ColoHouse presents an experienced senior executive from a colocation, cloud, and/or MSP with an exceptional foundation to curate a next generation strategy in anticipation of growing enterprise market demands. The ideal CEO brings a successful history of M&A, integration, value creation, and exit in a PE partnership environment. ColoHouse offers an extensive platform of outsourced IT, network, and infrastructure solutions which all can grow in multiple directions. An experienced leader with a keen, strategic vision has a remarkable opportunity to steer these capabilities towards achieving maximum value.


Colocation – ColoHouse offers its services through 7 data centers and 21 POPs across the globe. Customers select ColoHouse based on the ability to support scalability and growth paired with industry-leading customer service focused on providing customers infrastructure to allocate more resources towards their core business.

Cloud – ColoHouse gives its customers the power of choice with private, public, and hybrid cloud models. ColoHouse’s cloud solutions provide robust performance paired with reliability and security providing 24/7 support and taking care of OS management, hardware refreshes, VM migrations, network configurations, and disaster recovery. This gives customers the flexibility to incorporate owned equipment, hosted solutions, and elastic components to create the best fitting environment for them.

Bare Metal / Dedicated Server / IaaS – Performance, speed, value, and security. ColoHouse’s Metal offering is powered by Turnkey Internet, providing superior hosting performance at affordable prices, backed with bulletproof reliability and a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. ColoHouse owns and operates the facility, datacenter, servers, routers, switches, and network, giving ColoHouse control over all aspects of the Bare Metal / Dedicated Servicer / IaaS customer experience.

Network – ColoHouse is powered by a proprietary network which provides access to high-speed internet connectivity, private and public cloud options, managed services, and DDoS protection. The network’s global footprint can be accessed in over 28 of the world’s best and largest facilities with access to over 40 peering exchanges.


Global Internet Backbone – At ColoHouse you benefit from blazing fast network speeds with low latency, reliability, and fast, worldwide coverage. Our global network includes access to over 500+ networks and carriers.

Customized For You – We can help you design, install, and manage your IT infrastructure. Our team of experts is equipped to coordinate and implement your unique specification.

Ready When You Need Us – We put our customers in the driver’s seat–we give you as much control as you request to manage your products and services. With the majority of our products and services, you can be up and running within a few minutes.

World Class Support – Our support team is available 24/7. Our Service Level Agreement ensures ColoHouse is being held to the highest of standards and annual compliance audits. Our world-class Remote Hands offering will never leave you or your business unattended.


Be the single solution by uncomplicating the cloud, simplifying digital infrastructure, and helping maximize the value of digital infrastructure deployments.

We aim to be the premier global provider of agile, scalable platform solutions, throughout the technology stack.



Be Passionate About People – The people you work with and the people you surround yourself with

Be the Light Switch – People assume that tech is going to work. Be the switch that makes it work; uncomplicate what happens behind the switch.

Put in a Koi Pond – Make the customer experience memorable. You would remember the lobby that had a koi pond. Create that memorable experience with every customer engagement.

Win as a Team – Your team is your most valuable resource, use it, and succeed together.  Be One (win together, lose together, no blame, ask for help, no ego)

Be the Duck – Always act calm on the surface while churning away below the surface to keep things moving


·       Miami, FL – Digital Realty

·       Miami, FL – Equinix / NAP

·       Miami, FL – Equinix MI2

·       New York, NY – Digital Realty

·       Orangeburg, NY – 1547 Realty

·       Albany, NY – ColoHouse

·       New Jersey, NY – ColoHouse

·       Philadelphia, PA – ColoHouse

·       Colorado Springs, CO – ColoHouse

·       Chicago, IL – ColoHouse

·       Chicago, IL – New Continuum Data Centers

·       Chicago, IL – Digital Realty

·       Chicago, IL – 1547 Realty

·       Dallas, TX – ColoHouse

·       Portland, OR – 1547 Realty

·       Phoenix, AZ – ColoHouse

·       Kapolei, HI – 1547 Realty

·       The Hague, The Netherlands – ColoHouse

·       Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Equinix

·       Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Interxion Holding NV

·       Amsterdam, The Netherlands – NIKHEF Amsterdam

·       Delft, The Netherlands – The Datacenter Group Delft

·       Groningen, The Netherlands – NLDC B.V.

·       Zoetermeer, The Netherlands – ColoCenter

·       Hong Kong, China – Equinix

·       Frankfurt, Germany – Interxion Holding NV

·       Bucharest, Romania – M247 Europe Bucharest

·       Falkenberg, Sweden – GleSYS AB

·       Stockholm, Sweden – Equinix




Interim CEO

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SVP of Cloud Services

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SVP of ColoHouse Metal

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SVP, Operations

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VP, Marketing

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VP, Metal Services


VP, Cloud Services

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Learn More About The Edgecore Leadership Team – https://www.edgecore.com/about/team



Exec. Chairman of the Board

1547 Critical Systems Realty 

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Interim CEO

Valterra Partners

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1547 Critical Systems Realty

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Valterra Partners

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Valterra Partners

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Valterra Partners

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Founded in 2015, Valterra Partners is a private investment firm that provides partnership capital to infrastructure-adjacent businesses. Valterra invests primarily across three focus sectors including digital infrastructure, transportation and logistics, and recycling and renewables. Core to Valterra’s investment philosophy is partnering with best-in-class management teams in businesses that possess infrastructure-like characteristics but also come with an operations overlay where our capital and expertise can be utilized as a catalyst for growth. Post investment, Valterra works closely with management teams providing access to capital, strategic and operational expertise and access to a broad network of operating partners and industry contacts that can help transform a young business into an industry leader.


fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (“1547 CSR”) is a leading developer and operator of custom-designed, world-class data centers with over 1.3M SF of data center space in Orangeburg, NY | Chicago, IL (2)| Cheyenne, WY | Portland, OR | Milwaukee, WI and, Kapolei, HI. With over 60 years of experience developing, renovating, and operating data center space, our depth of expertise uniquely positions 1547 to work with each client to develop the best strategy to meet their specific needs. We offer customers a variety of customized colocation configurations – from interconnections to one rack units to wholesale offerings, sale/leaseback, refurbishment, or construction of a purpose-built data center. Our focus is providing tenants with strategic, customized mission-critical solutions from concept through completion.



Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible and accountable for formulating and communicating the vision of ColoHouse during a crucial growth, integration, and value creation chapter. From this vision the CEO will develop and implement the proper business plan and delivery methodology to achieve specific revenue and profit goals. Additionally, the CEO will prepare monthly reports measured against plans and adjust based on the on-going needs of the business. The CEO will be responsible for supporting the business with the right talent and will strategize and participate with the management team in the areas of sales, technical support, customer relations, supplier relations, and specific problems or opportunities involved in the day-to-day business.

This CEO will be a durable and credible executive with leadership characteristics to affect positive inertia, instill a vision, empower a culture, and continue ColoHouse’s commercial momentum in the market from both a sales and financing standpoint.

We are looking for an exceptional executive leader with a track record of leading the commercialization of an integrated IT outsourcing technology and services platform to deliver next generation solutions that solve increasingly complex enterprise requirements.


More specifically, the CEO will:

  • Establish a credible and more deeply refined business plan with the Board and senior management and be accountable for its successful execution
  • Identify and capture appropriate market opportunities that leverage current capabilities and expertise to expand sales and enhance the company’s valuation
  • Provide the overall leadership, acumen, action and working environment necessary to build a world-class technology enterprise which provides true customer value and market acceptance
  • Articulate the company’s business plan, propriety technology, competitive advantages, and vision to institutional investors, ensuring that the company raises additional capital at appropriate valuations
  • Develop and execute annual business plans and budgets for all revenue streams
  • Establish realistic annual performance goals for each value chain
  • Develop the marketing strategy and tools to support the business plan
  • Financial planning, analysis, and reporting to the board on a frequent basis
  • Manage profitability and operating expenses within budget and reports monthly, quarterly, and yearly variances
  • Develop a competitor database within the markets that the company services and validate the information with the sales and management team
  • Identify and maintain relationships for continuing business opportunities with key accounts
  • Identify, evaluate and establish strong supplier relationships with the company’s Channel partners and suppliers
  • Develop and support the company’s value chain integrated strategy that supports the company’s growth strategy
  • Recruit, train, develop, coach, mentor, manage and promote highly competent management team members
  • Participate in major proposals and presentations
  • Act as a key strategist to company sales and marketing in order to formulate strategies and programs, identify resources, resolve crises and execute plans
  • Conduct regular communications with the management team, sales team, technical team and the company as a whole
  • Continuously advance credibility of ColoHouse’s value proposition in the market through industry education



Event – Demonstrated value creation with a PE backed IT services organization resulting in a liquidity event (recapitalization, strategic sale, IPO)

M&A – History of mergers, acquisitions, and/or other inorganic growth strategies of which the outcome aligned with the thesis of complementary or accretive value creation.

Integration – Demonstrated success and expertise leading the strategy and execution of integrating geographically dispersed people, process, products, systems, and cultures.

Strategy – Historical Go-To-Market (GTM) plan authorship, collaboration, organization, delegation, and successful execution in a high growth environment resulting in scale.

Revenue – A commercial minded executive with a history of identifying and maturing products and services offering with the market for distinct competitive advantage.

Operations – History of achieving high CSAT/NPS scores through progressive, efficient, and profitable delivery of automated ITIL best practices.

Entrepreneur – A creative and humble thought leader who listens first and remains eager to run lean, test, empower, delegate, explore, fail fast, and innovate progressively. 

Culture – A passionate servant leader and culture creator, with the gravitas necessary to facilitate alignment of a formative stage organization’s purpose and outcome orientation.

Leadership – History of inspiring high performing talent toward transformative business successes, including, at times making unpopular decisions.



Kerosene – All the foundational IT Platform elements, from a customer, product, service, and talent standpoint are in place offering a myriad of opportunities for an experienced CEO to steer toward maximum value creation with efficiencies at scale.

Health – ColoHouse benefits from existing revenue growth along with heathy pipelines in all aspects of products and services to leverage, strengthen, and lengthen.

Organic Growth – Dramatic opportunities to extend the existing organic revenue acquisition playbook via Services Catalog resulting in net new revenue in addition to cross selling of colo, network, bare metal, and cloud to each individual acquisition’s legacy customer base.

Inorganic Growth – Valterra and 1547 continue their ‘value’ acquisitions search in new locations and expansive services that are accretive to the whole with a keen eye towards a “transformative acquisition” in the near distant future, resulting in exponential growth. 

Clay – Valterra and 1547 have curated strategic acquisitions and integrations offering the opportunity for a CEO and the Board to mold into their vision of a highly innovative, next generation enterprise IT outsourced services provider.

Multiplier – Acquiring and integrating smaller, regional players into a national platform generates topline synergies, network effects, cost savings, and ultimately a multiple uplift at scale.

Resources – Trusted partnership with Valterra Partners & 1547 Critical Systems Realty executives to manage investments, acquisitions, and integration growth resulting in increased future value.



The compensation package for the Chief Executive Officer will include a highly competitive annual earnings opportunity comprised of a base salary, annual performance incentives, benefits, and long-term incentive compensation in the form of equity.



Following a thorough exchange of information relating to company information, resume, and key qualifying criteria, CFS Partners anticipates recommending a short list of candidates to ColoHouse Board of Directors in late May 2022. We will down select to a short list to be introduced to members of the Senior Leadership Team and subsequently arrange finalist(s)’ meetings in person. The selected finalist will be presented with a compelling offer contingent on clean reference and background

For additional information or to schedule a time to connect, contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at andy@criticalfacility.com.