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Aligned Data Centers is a leading technology infrastructure company offering innovative, sustainable, and adaptive Scale Data Centers and Build-to-Scale solutions for global hyperscale and enterprise customers. Our intelligent infrastructure allows densification and vertical growth within the same footprint, enabling customers to scale up without disruption, all while maintaining industry-leading Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). By reducing the energy, water and space needed to operate, our data center solutions, combined with our patented cooling technology, offer businesses a competitive advantage by improving sustainability, reliability and their bottom line.


Aligned, privately held and headquartered in Plano, Texas, was founded and entered the data center business in 2015. When it entered the data center business five years ago, Aligned Energy knew how difficult it can be to predict the future. That’s why it created a flexible data center design that can increase power capacity as a customer adds servers, even within its existing footprint, delivering an invaluable business advantage.

Along with a focus on continuously improving economic performance for its customers, Aligned has also focused on sustainability. By making critical infrastructure smart enough to continuously improve both its economic performance and environmental impact, Aligned can deliver “a noticeable business advantage, while helping secure the health of the planet” for its customers.

Today, the company operates ten data centers in five US metro markets – Dallas, Phoenix, Northern Virginia, Chicago and Salt Lake City. The combination of Aligned’s intellectual property, access to healthy and patient capital, intellectual property, and culmination of assets has created a truly unique, adaptable, and unmatched global platform.



According to 451 Research, Northern Virginia is the United States’ largest data center market.

  • 26 Building Acres
  • 777,755 Sq. Ft.
  • 180 Megawatts


Chicago’s central location, long-haul connectivity and access to ample renewable energy options make it an ideal site for hyperscalers, cloud companies, and multinational enterprises to deploy their mission-critical infrastructure.

  • 18.5 Building Acres
  • 220,000 Sq. Ft.
  • 48 Megawatts


According to 451 Research, Dallas, Texas is a top 5 U.S. multi-tenant data center market.

  • 19 Building Acres
  • 375,000 Sq. Ft.
  • 60 Megawatts


According to 451 Research, Phoenix is a top 10 U.S. multi-tenant data center market.

  • 55 Building Acres
  • 550,000 Sq. Ft.
  • 180 Megawatts


According to 451 Research, Salt lake City is a top 10 U.S. multi-tenant data center market.

  • 55 Building Acres
  • 600,000 Sq. Ft.
  • 130 Megawatts
Scale Data Centers

Adaptive data centers delivered at maximum speed in strategic locations. Enterprises and hyperscalers rely on us to deliver adaptive, sustainable data center solutions that deploy rapidly, scale dynamically, reduce risk, and operate reliably. Aligned’s technology infrastructure enables companies to grow sustainably over time, eliminating the risks of capacity planning and over-provisioning.

Aligned combines patient capital with a standardized supply chain that includes a 50 MW auto-replenished pool of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) comprised of prefabricated, factory-built and tested power and cooling equipment. This ensures our customers are able meet aggressive speed-to-market targets and avoid supply chain obstacles.

Allowing customers to ExpandOnDemand™ sustainably, another essential element of our adaptive data center platform is our patented, award-winning Delta³™ cooling technology. The Delta³™ cooling system provides a hyper-scalable, ultra-efficient environment that dynamically adapts to customers’ IT loads and supports high, mixed and variable rack densities of 1-50kW in the same row


Supporting customer’s Growth Globally, on a MEGA Scale. Others may offer solutions that are build to suit, but Aligned’s data center are built to SCALE. Aligned’s Build-to-Scale data centers are delivered at unprecedented speeds with unmatched scalability to solve the needs of hyperscale and large enterprise customers. From campuses to powered shell, our design or custom data center deployments, Aligned can complete a Build-to-Scale project in any market your business growth demands. 

Powered Shell

  • Designed, built and delivered where and when needed
  • Customer or Aligned-owned, installed & operated power & cooling infrastructure (MEP)
  • Customer or Aligned-managed utilities & security

Scale Data Centers

  • Aligned-owned, installed & operated power and cooling infrastructure (MEP)
  • Aligned-managed utilities and security
  • Flexible leasing terms
Industry Solutions

Data Center Infrastructure Tailored to Client’s Business. Understanding and addressing client’s unique business challenges and considerations with adaptive, sustainable infrastructure.

Whether a Hyperscale or Enterprise client, Aligned provides rapidly deployable, ultra-efficient and sustainable data centers that scale easily and efficiently, anywhere in the world, as business grows.

Reinforced by a solid capital foundation, focus on innovation and commitment to a clean energy future, Aligned offers clients a stable and responsible partner whom they can rely on today and tomorrow.

Customers examples include the most sophisticated and discerning cloud, financial services, gaming, government, healthcare, technology, transportation, social media, and streaming services organizations in the world.


Aligned’s data centers can adapt on demand, keeping capacity, performance, and reliability in sync regardless of how quickly your requirements change. Rapidly scale your power density up to 50 kW per cabinet from the same footprint, saving you time, money, and resources.


While guaranteeing 100% uptime for your mission-critical IT infrastructure, Aligned’s data center offering requires up to 80% less power (significantly reducing tenant Total Cost of Operation); up to 85% less water with the ability to run waterless as required, significantly reducing points of failure and expense; and up to a 40% lower cost of infrastructure. Better environmental performance results in better economic performance.


Aligned’s patented cooling technology, Delta Cube, is ultra-efficient and sustainable. It supports standard and high-power densities and offers an industry-leading 1.15 PUE. Delta Cube provides 350 kW of heat rejection in just four feet, compared to 38 feet of traditional Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units. Aligned offers multiple alternative electricity / renewable energy options at each of our data center locations.

Federal Government & Public Agencies:
Secure, Flexible, and Sustainable Data Center Solutions

Aligned delivers ultra-efficient, rapidly deployable and scalable infrastructure that lowers costs, mitigates risk, and responds to continuously changing requirements. Aligned combines strong and stable capital with a standardized supply chain that includes a 50MW auto replenished pool of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) comprised of prefabricated, factory-built and tested power and cooling equipment. This ensures our government customers are able meet aggressive speed-to-mission targets while remaining unaffected by market fluctuations or supply chain obstacles. Aligned is also able to build to Sensitive Compartment Information Facilities (SCIF) standards either through a retrofit of current space or a greenfield deployment.

Lower Cost TCO

Aligned’s patented and award-winning cooling technology, Delta3, reduces mechanical infrastructure requirements by as much as 40% compared to competitors, lowering operational and energy costs without stranding space or capacity.

Flexible & Modular Design

We employ a modular approach to design and construction. Our mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design decouples space from power and can support density increases vertically within the rack or horizontally with additional rack positions.

Efficient & Sustainable

Aligned’s cooling technology requires up to 80% less energy and consumes up to 85% less water with the ability to run waterless as required, upholding the policies of the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) to optimize data center efficiency and sustainability.

Secure & Compliant

Our state-of-the-art data centers provide multi-layered physical security and meet stringent compliance standards to safeguard infrastructure, ensure maximum availability, and protect government data and systems. Built to FISMA moderate standards (which can be increased as needed). A number of our employees hold security clearances with the Federal Government.



Client Support Team

SVP, Partnerships & Federal Program Leader

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Client Support Team


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VP, Solutions Architecture

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Leadership Team

SVP, Design and Construction

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Data centers are a capital-intensive business. These partnerships provide the financial backing for our expansion and to help you meet your data center growth requirements.

Macquarie Infrastructure Partners (MIP) is an investment fund managed by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA). MIRA owns, operates and invests in a portfolio of infrastructure businesses. MIRA’s businesses tend to be large scale and capital intensive. They employ high-value, long-lived physical assets that serve, in part, to create a privileged position in their respective markets.

Take a closer look at Macquarie Infrastructure Partners.

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals.

Take a closer look at Goldman Sachs.


Aligned’s culture embodies the dynamics of a start-up, focusing on smart, strategic thinking which leads to creative partnering. Modeling the Aligned mission and its principles with an intense sense of commitment, customer intimacy, and energy.

We are engineers. But we’re also scientists, controls integrators, builders and operators with decades of experience architecting critical infrastructure solutions. We’re a group of people who have devoted our careers to not just solving the challenges in front of us, but anticipating what’s ahead.

  • A data-driven approach to delivering the data center – we’ve replaced hunches with data and we systemically iterate to achieve ever better results.
  • Investment in the research and development necessary to drive innovation; that investment in R&D extends to our supply chain partners as well.
  • Constantly striving for better, simpler, more efficient solutions – for your business, our business, and the good of the planet.

Aligned’s mission is to make critical infrastructure smart enough to continuously improve both its economic performance and environmental impact, delivering a noticeable business advantage, while helping secure the health of the planet.


Aligned Data Centers supports the complex, distributed IT infrastructure requirements across multiple US markets for its Cloud Provider, Hyperscale, Large Enterprise and Federal/Public Sector customer base. The Company’s decision to formalize and expand its Federal and Public Sector Go-To-market efforts through the formation of Aligned Federal reflects Aligned’s already expeditious success supporting Federal customer requirements through its Cloud Provider and Systems Integrator customers.

The Federal Government Cloud / Outsourcing market sector is already the largest buyer of cloud services on earth, and continues to grow exponentially, representing a remarkable business opportunity with limited competition and large barriers to entry.

Aligned Federal is already delivering compliant data centers at various security levels and supporting the requirements of multiple Federal and Public Sector customers.  With this experience and the recent land acquisition in key Federal regions, Aligned is well positioned to support the most significant pending Federal Cloud Projects including:

  • Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability
  • JWCC
  • Wild & Stormy
  • Air Force Cloud One
  • Treasury T-Cloud
  • DoD’s Defense Enterprise Office Solution
  • DISA milCloud 2.0
  • DHS Data Center & Cloud Optimization
  • Bushwood
  • Intelligence Community’s Commercial Cloud Enterprise

Aligned’s strategy includes a focus on extending and leveraging healthy relationships with qualified Federal System Integrators (SI’s) and Data Center Brokers to gain early insights, identify opportunities to create competitive value, and build the customer pipeline. Aligned is already in the process of building Aligned’s Brand through customers and partners and leveraging their Federal & Public Sector contacts and account base. Aligned is ideally suited to support Federal customers based on the Company’s Federal Security & Compliance, operational excellence, speed to deployment, and Build-to-Scale expertise.

The near-term objective is to continue to grow the Federal & Public Sector business steadily and sustainably in 2022 and build a foundation for long term growth and exceptional service delivery. The SVPFA is expected to have deep experience working directly with Federal agencies and contacts at these agencies that will enable Aligned to make strong forward progress in building our business. The SVPFA also needs to possess experience and knowledge of Federal Operational, Security and Compliance requirements and provide input to Aligned’s Design & Construction Team on Federal data center build specifics, i.e., ICD-705. The SVPFA will assist the current Aligned Federal team by ensuring Federal agencies and Aligned’s strategic partners understand Aligned’s value proposition and competitive differentiators to generate interest, further qualify existing opportunities, and leverage their success to date.

Initial action items will include supporting current Federal Team to ensure partners and prospects are aware of Aligned’s expanding commitment to Federal & Public Sector. This will be accomplished through continued marketing campaigns to create awareness & education within the Federal Ecosystem of agencies, Cloud Providers and partners on Aligned’s successes and capabilities to date and beyond. The SVPFA will work with both the Aligned sales team as well as the SVP of Partnerships to identify and recruit new partners, resulting in agreements with select Federal & Public Sector firms to expand coverage. Working with the Chief Revenue Officer & Sustainability and the Sales team, He / She is also expected to develop a pipeline of Federal, Large State & Local Government sales opportunities via Systems Integrators and select Brokers who will help drive these opportunities.

Success in this role requires an experienced business executive, well versed in the Federal and Public sector’s unique and complex ecosystem, to step in and raise these initiatives to new performance levels. The SVPFA will mature an already successful business and services offering, achieved through exceptional work by members of Aligned’s Sales, Operations, Finance, and Construction Management teams. Aligned is already capitalizing on this success and looking to grow their expertise and presence in the Federal & Public Sector ecosystem on a strategic and sustainable basis.



History – 10+ years immersed experience building valued relationships across a broad range of influencers and organizations in the Federal & Public Sector digital infrastructure market, ideally in the wholesale and hyperscale arenas, across all agencies.

Cleared Status – Secret clearance qualification history with a positive CSIS security assessment, granted the right to access designated and classified information up to Secret level on a need-to-know basis.

Federal Compliance & SCIF Construction –   Add section on experience with SCIF construction and Federal compliant operations, i.e. NISPOM

Candidate needs to understand and have experience in working with Design & Construction teams to ensure they adhere to the security, compliance, and operational requirements for SCIF space, NISPOM and ICD705.

Federal / Public Ecosystem – Knowledge, network, and experience with the complex theatre of constituencies and influencers to positively effect competitive advantage and predictable outcomes managing through hyperscale, cloud, IT, software, SI, and other consultants involved.

Program Development –Demonstrated experience in the creation, building, standardization, and scaling of a business, where none existed previously, by leveraging the foundation of the parent company.

Business / Financial Acumen – Build partnerships with “teeth” in the unique business case opportunities presented by the Federal & Public Sector market, resulting in mutual strategic value and responsible investments in time and resources.

Executive Credibility – A known and respected Federal & Public Sector industry professional whose reputation is characterized by a valued network of relationships with colleagues with a long history of integrity, trust, and reliability.

Leadership – Convicted thought leader and Federal & Public Sector subject matter expert with a track record of growing successful businesses and teams resulting in positive enduring partnerships with customers, partners, executive leadership, and investors.



Capital Partners –Macquarie Infrastructure Partners (MIP) & Goldman Sachs are global, platinum grade investment partners offering capital, asset partnerships, strategy, and an unmatched global platform to Aligned’s prospective customers and partners.

Progressive – 2021 represented a milestone achievement in growth, sustainability, and historic green financing, including the first-ever green, and largest-ever inaugural, data center securitization, and the first-ever U.S. data center sustainability-linked financing.

Recognized – The past year also saw Aligned ranked on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ in recognition of the company’s 870% growth.

Prepared – Aligned’s successful delivery of infrastructure during a period when the industry experienced the greatest demand for digital services in history is a testament to their top-tier people, operational maturity, and innovative technologies.

Chapter – Aligned remains, both from a company history and culture mindset standpoint, an early stage company with formidable growth planned. The Federal & Public Sector Division is yet another strategic achievement furthering Aligned’s competitive advantage.

Culture – Aligned’s culture embodies the dynamics of a start-up, focusing on smart, strategic thinking which leads to creative partnering. The Aligned mission and its principles reflect an intense sense of commitment, customer intimacy, and energy.

Impact – The SVPFA will own both the Go-To-Market strategy and accountability of the performance outcome of the Federal & Public business. This is a highly scrutinized role with optics from customers, partners, investors, and a seat at the senior executive leadership team.

Focus – Less concerned with the market’s view and more focused on serving customer’s requirements effectively, Aligned wins through an intense commitment to remaining nimble, creative, scalable, and quick to respond, at scale.



The compensation package is expected to include a competitive base salary, relative to market and candidate’s current situation, annual performance compensation equal to 100% of base at target (expected to exceed), exceptional health benefits, and long-term incentive compensation in the form of equity participation.



CFS Partners plans to make formal candidate recommendations following in depth understanding of candidate’s experiences relative to Aligned’s specific qualifying criteria in early June 2022. Initial calls with Andrew Schaap (CEO), Eric Jacobs (Chief Revenue Officer), Frank Eagle (SVP Partnerships & Alliances) and Mercy Manning (VP Sales & Sustainability Strategy), will qualify a short list of candidates to a select few finalists to visit in person.

For additional information or to schedule a time to connect, contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at andy@criticalfacility.com.