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ACME DATA CENTERS vision is simple. Serve Locally, Connect Globally – ACME DATA CENTERS develops core infrastructure that helps cities bring technology-dependent companies and jobs to their regions and helps local businesses achieve their digital transformation goals. We accomplish that by developing relationships with state, county and city governments, industry groups, community organizations and chambers of commerce, and dedicating resources to help the local community.

ACME DATA CENTERS is a multi-tenant data center partner providing foundational infrastructure and connectivity essential to power today’s digital economy. They focus on serving growing markets where the availability of secure, reliable multi-tenant data centers is limited. ACME DATA CENTERS’s software defined network services enable access to a wealth of providers, partners and platforms to businesses across the Southeast. Current ACME DATA CENTERS data center locations are in Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN, and Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL.

ACME DATA CENTERS understands that businesses are facing increasing challenges that will have a profound impact on their ability to compete and grow in their markets. Key business challenges include:

  • Digital transformation is changing the way businesses operate and deliver services. It requires the ability to connect customers to infrastructure in their markets and across the globe.
  • The paradigms of IT infrastructure are radically shifting. The cloud, SaaS, and virtualization require businesses to increase their agility to quickly move from the old way of doing business to the new.
  • New physical and network infrastructure is needed, and businesses must work with state and local governments to build that infrastructure and to develop the workforce and culture to grow their tech economies.
  • ACME DATA CENTERS exists to provide foundational infrastructure for the digital economy. Our focus is on serving growing markets where availability of secure, reliable multi-tenant data centers is limited.


ACME DATA CENTERS serves local markets by:

  • Meeting business’s local and regional data center needs with Tier 3-rated facilities that provide the security, reliability, cost-efficiency and expertise that allows them to focus resources strategically.
  • Connecting businesses to any destination worldwide through a private network and global ecosystem of communications partners. With a software-defined network fabric, connectivity to the cloud, to partners, and to providers is provisioned quickly, enabling fast response to business opportunities.
  • Investing capital for data center construction and offering enabling resources, services and facilities to local organizations which enhance our communities through training, collaboration and education.

Birmingham, AL

“The Birmingham data center campus will unquestionably be our flagship property. We believe this site will be a highly compelling alternative in the Southeast to Atlanta for enterprise, hyperscale cloud, Software-as-a-Service, government, network and content providers,” said Tiger Woods, CEO of ACME DATA CENTERS, in prepared remarks.

  • 31,000 sq ft, expandable to 200,000 sq ft
  • 5MW critical load, expandable to 60MW
  • Tier III N+1 generator backup, UPS, and cooling
  • Private, optical connectivity across the SE – 100% SLA

Atlanta, GA

Located in the Brookhaven area, ACME DATA CENTERS’s Atlanta data center delivers safe, convenient access for telecommunications, media and technology companies. It’s a low overhead, colocation node on our high-speed optical network.

  • 3,350 sq ft, expandable to 6,470 sq ft
  • 2x1M generators
  • Tier III redundancy
  • Carrier neutral meshed 8.8Tbs private optical network connectivity to ATL1 IX at 56 Marietta

Chattanooga, TN

ACME DATA CENTERS’s CHA1 data center serves local businesses in the “Gig City” while connecting those in Atlanta, Huntsville, Knoxville and Nashville to a Tier 3 colocation facility directly linked to the Smart Grid – an intelligent, self-healing system that reroutes power around problem areas ensuring virtually zero power outages.

  • 8,000 sq ft, expandable to 16,000 sq ft
  • 1 MW critical load, expandable to 3.5MW
  • Tier III N+1 generator backup, UPS, and cooling
  • Private, optical connectivity across the SE – 100% SLA

Huntsville, AL

Huntsville is the fastest growing metro in Alabama with a strong industry base in government, manufacturing, healthcare and professional services. Located near Redstone Arsenal, the Marshall Space Flight Center and Cummings Research Park, ACME DATA CENTERS serves the needs of the Huntsville business community with a secure Tier 3 colocation facility equipped with high-speed connectivity to Internet Exchanges, other ACME DATA CENTERS data centers and public cloud providers.

  • 9,000 sq ft, expandable to 52,400 sq ft
  • 5MW critical load, expandable to 13.5MW
  • Tier III N+1 generator backup, UPS, and cooling
  • Private, optical connectivity across the SE – 100% SLA


The ACME DATA CENTERS leadership team is comprised of entrepreneurs and technology innovators with a fervent desire to change the data center landscape in the southeastern United States. With over 180 years of combined experience in data center, networking, cloud and managed services, we share a passion for building data centers with the services needed to meet the advanced IT needs of today’s growing businesses and beyond.

Tiger Woods


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VIDEO – ACME DATA CENTERS announced on Monday, July 9, 2018, that it is building its flagship data center in Birmingham’s North Titusville Neighborhood. As he spoke at the announcement ceremony, CEO Tiger Woods addressed the question that he’s been asked repeatedly: Why Birmingham?

VIDEO – First Look at ACME DATA CENTERS Birmingham Facility



ACME DATA CENTERS’s Vice President of Sales (VPS) will author and execute an effective go-to-market sale strategy to achieve monthly recurring revenue (MRR) objectives for the Birmingham, Huntsville, and Chattanooga data center assets. The VPS will be a dynamic sales leader with demonstrated ability to achieve target performance outcomes through the empowerment, education, and alignment of their team. The old adage, “The speed of the team equals the speed of the leader,” is highly applicable here.

The VPS will create an environment of positive innovation and leverage for the entire sales team, to include outside, inside, and channel, to effectively engage prospects in a competitive and dynamically changing environment. He/She will be an effective servant leader who leads by example in the motivation and development of a sales team which expects to over-perform against stated targets. The VPS will leverage his/her historical knowledge and industry relationships in presenting ACME DATA CENTERS’s remarkable value proposition to the extent required to provide assurance of forecasted revenue growth relative to plan. This requires the VPS to –

  • Be strategic, think around corners, and organize the team to positively orchestrate industry influencers, decision makers, existing clients, and targeted prospects to ACME DATA CENTERS’s unique value proposition.
  • Lead from the front with a demonstrated track record of sales and a playbook of developing sales talent.
  • Navigate growth, scale, maturity, challenges, and opportunities effectively.
  • Be consultative and a doer / executer. Be the behavior you expect from your team. A dedicated, accountable sales executive who plans their work and works their plan. Embrace industry knowledge and demonstrate a passion for delivering meaningful solutions to organizations that allow them to prosper.
  • Develop KPI / metrics for success for holistic outcomes, whereby ACME DATA CENTERS and customers win together and celebrate mutual successes.
  • Be a leader who appreciates process and empowerment. Architect a plan to achieve higher win rates from an expanding pipeline of sales opportunities In both the private and public sectors.
  • Have court vision to work effectively C-level Executives and key influencers across the various market segments that ACME DATA CENTERS serves.
  • Continuously build positive relationships with colleagues, team members, prospects, and customers to effectively convert transactional relationships into trusted, strategic partnerships.
  • Lead and develop a healthy pipeline and manage with effective and accurate forecasts on scenario analysis, preparation, differential, project deal flow, value creation, and confidence of closure.
  • Work smarter than harder. Demonstrate a clear approach to making the right call – “Should we do this deal?” Methodology to work prospects effectively through the pipeline. Make kill or proceed decisions.
  • Sell and coach the team in a sophisticated and consultative nature to understand the theatre of decision makers and influencers. See, know, and assess the deal influencer, coach, economic decision maker, troublemaker, etc.
  • Understands and practices performance management disciplines.




  • Minimum of 10 years’ sales leadership experience, ideally for a leading Wholesale, Colocation, Cloud Services, and/or Managed Services Provider (MSP).
  • Creation and/or leadership of a multi-channel sales organization across a broad spectrum of data center and/or advanced networked application services sectors.
  • Business and financial acumen in evaluating aggregate deal structures and their resulting value effect.
  • Thought leadership and continued execution in developing their team to new levels of performance.
  • Demonstrated experience developing and leading high-performance sales organizations eager to take on greater responsibilities.
  • Strong understanding of sales and business concepts and the ability to strategically link the two and implement sales activities that crush goals
  • Experience developing, maintaining and optimizing end-to-end sales processes to include executing multiple distribution strategies, i.e. direct, channel, alliance, partnerships.
  • Expert in sales CRM solutions, processes, and implementations. Strategic, systematic, persistent and efficient when managing both time, team, and accounts.
  • Desire to be a part of the fast-paced, high-energy entrepreneurial experience.
  • Demonstrated success in strategic thinking, planning and implementation – a strong desire and track record of getting things done.
  • Executes strategies and incentives across all channels to accelerate revenue and new account growth.
  • A developed set of methods, practices and metrics related to leading and lagging indicators of success.
  • Appreciates a diverse group of talents to execute the sales plan.
  • Executive-level contacts across multiple market segments (Public, Private, Integrators, Enterprise, and Channel).
  • Demonstrated track record in the development of the sales team related to recruiting, developing, and retaining talent.




Revenue Leadership – Demonstrated success authoring go-to-market strategies and managing overachieving teams to consistently execute and exceed revenue targets. Sophistication in their approach to the art of the deal, demonstrating critical thinking in an outcome, win-win orientation.

Measurement & Methodology – The successful VP Sales will bring with him or her a sales rigor and methodology for setting and achieving target revenue expectations through clearly communicated performance criteria. They will be collaborative, transparent, and accurate in their forecasted pipeline projections and accuracy with leadership.

Growth – History of effective leadership, conviction, and courageous decision making at scale in a high growth environment. The VP Sales primary charter is to grow revenue by positioning ACME DATA CENTERS as a trusted partner and advisor that delivers outcomes.

Solutions Orientation – Fundamental understanding of consultative, solutions sales process for a new era of digital economy empowerment value proposition. ACME DATA CENTERS is redefining the digital infrastructure landscape that IT, Cloud, Hyperscale, and telecommunications will trust to ensure their businesses thrive.

Credibility – This VP Sales will be known, recognized, and respected in the local community with broad market and vertical experience with both private enterprise and public communities via direct sales, integrators, alliances, and channels.

Player Development – Inherent in this VP Sales DNA is a passion for developing and mentoring sales professionals to achieve their own potential manifest in an empowered and cohesive team enthusiastic about their customer’s success.

Thought Leadership – The VP Sales will come to the table with their own conviction about the digital economy’s requirement for ubiquitously available infrastructure In the markets ACME DATA CENTERS endeavors to serve.




Culture – ACME DATA CENTERS’s culture embodies the dynamics of a start-up, with opportunities for every single person to define their contribution to the progress of the organization. This requires creative, confident, forward thinking professionals who solve problems rather than wait for answers.

Impact – Put your fingerprint on a formidable growth chapter of an established yet emerging company poised for continued growth and scale. The VP Sales will dramatically impact the revenue growth and set the stage for ACME DATA CENTERS rate of growth trajectory into new markets.

Leadership – ACME DATA CENTERS’s executive teams’ precedent success and credentials is unparallel in the industry. The confidence in the success this organization can provide to existing and prospective customers is a rare find in a sales executive’s career. Be proud and bold from day one in knowing the value proposition and solutions are already exceeding plan.

Focus – Less concerned with the market’s view and more focused on serving customers requirements and communities they serve, ACME DATA CENTERS plans to win through an intense commitment to empower digital commerce, connect, and collaborate all organizations in the SE. ACME DATA CENTERS provides solutions at the next order of magnitude of digital infrastructure. 

Financial Strength – ACME DATA CENTERS is backed by a combination of blue-chip investors and lenders, all of whom have precedent success in the data center infrastructure market. They are enthusiastic and confident in the remarkable opportunity ACME DATA CENTERS must create value for all invested parties. Their partnership and counsel with the Senior Leadership team is highly valued and integral to the positivity of the culture.




The compensation package for the VP Sales is comprised of a competitive base salary and an annual uncapped “performers plan” equal to 100% of base salary at target but expected to exceed target in year 1 and beyond. A comprehensive benefits program to Include medical, dental, optical, and pharmaceutical, and long-term Incentive compensation in the form of 401K participation Is also included.




CFS Partners makes formal candidate recommendations following a situation and Interest call, receipt of resume, and a more formal Interview to address Key Qualifying Criteria specific to ACME DATA CENTERS VP Sales leadership requirement. Initial calls with Kurt Stoever will qualify a short list of candidates to meet with members of the Leadership Team in Birmingham AL. A finalist will be selected and offer extended, the acceptance of which will be contingent upon positive references and background check.

For additional information or to schedule a time to connect, contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at andy@criticalfacility.com.