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RagingWire Data Centers designs, builds, and operates mission critical data centers that deliver 100% availability and high-density power. The company currently has over 80MW of critical IT load spread across nearly 1 million square feet of data center infrastructure in Northern California and Ashburn, Virginia, with significant growth plans in both locations, Texas, and other top North American data center markets. As an NTT Communications group company, RagingWire is one of the most financially strong companies in the data center industry and is part of the global network of 140+ data centers operated by NTT Communications as part of the NexcenterTM brand.

With customizable colocation environments and flexible designs for wholesale and retail buyers, a carrier neutral philosophy, extensive compliance, and the highest customer loyalty in the industry as measured by the Net Promoter® Score, RagingWire meets the needs of top internet, enterprise, and government organizations. The company’s patented power delivery systems and EPA ENERGY STAR® rated facilities position RagingWire as an industry leader in reliability and efficiency.

Say Hello to NTT Global Data Centers America

RagingWire is becoming NTT to form the new Global Data Centers division of NTT – now the world’s 3rd largest data center provider with 160 data centers in 20 countries.


RagingWire was one of the early companies that helped to build what would one day become a multi-billion dollar global industry – data center colocation.

The company was founded in the year 2000 to solve a problem – currently available data center solutions were not enterprise grade. At that time, companies would try to build and run their own data centers, but they lacked the expertise, scale, and budget to succeed. The result was enterprise data centers that were unreliable, underpowered, and too expensive.

The RagingWire team set out to design, build and operate world-class, cost-effective data centers in which multiple tenants could have dedicated, secured deployments within a common facility. This model of companies “co-locating” their computing systems in a data center eventually became the data center colocation industry.

Over the years, the RagingWire colocation model has been refined and expanded to deliver large scale, build-to-suit wholesale data center solutions as well as private vaults, dedicated cages, and multi-rack deployments. The company is proud to have hundreds of the top enterprises as its customers, trusting RagingWire as the home of their critical IT systems. RagingWire has over 1,500,000 square feet of data center space in the United States, with 3,000,000 square feet of data center space in active development.

In 2014, RagingWire joined the NTT family of companies. NTT is one of the largest companies in the world with over $100 billion in revenue and 240,000 employees. NTT named RagingWire as its data center platform in the United States and since fully funded RagingWire’s growth plan which includes expansions and new builds in the top data center markets in the U.S.

In addition, RagingWire became affiliated with NTT’s network and can offer end to end, global data center solutions with consistent service levels, contracts, and pricing. Through its relationship with NTT, RagingWire is one of the most financially strong and largest providers of wholesale data centers in the world.



Douglas Adams

President & CEO

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Executive VP of Human Resources

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SVP of Construction & CFED

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SVP of Marketing & Product

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SVP of Operations

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Scott Walker

SVP of Sales

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VP of Product Management

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VP of Global Sales

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Global CEO of NTT Ltd. shares details on Data Centre Division

With NTT Ltd. just announcing the launch of its new Global Data Centres division, which incorporates e-shelter, Gyron, Netmagic, NTT Indonesia Nexcenter, RagingWire and other data centre companies that formerly sat under the NTT Communications brand, Data Economy’s Abigail Opiah discusses the intricate details of the new division with NTT Ltd.’s Global CEO Jason Goodall on this episode of Frontline.

As part of the NTT Group, RagingWire is among the largest wholesale data center colocation providers in the world. The combined data center portfolio of RagingWire and NTT group companies contains 160 data centers globally.

This worldwide data center portfolio is ideal for wholesale, multi-megawatt deployments optimized for application performance and systems availability.


Designed and built to run mission critical applications

2 MW or larger data center vaults

Dedicated capacity

Class A office space and business-ready conference rooms

N-Matrix Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Carrier neutral telecommunications

24×7 manned security, shipping and receiving

On-site Unlimited Remote Hands and Eyes services

Best-in-class customer experience

CA1 Data Center – Sacramento, CA

Largest data center in California with lowest cost power

RagingWire’s west coast data center in Sacramento, California called “The Rock℠” is the largest data center in the state of California with over 52.7 megawatts of high density critical IT capacity spread across three fully integrated buildings CA1, CA2 and CA3 totaling 680,000 square feet of data center space.

CA2 Data Center – Sacramento, CA

Northern California Colocation – Near Bay Area and Silicon Valley

RagingWire’s west coast data center in Sacramento, California called “The RockSM” is the largest data center in the state of California with over 52 megawatts of high density critical IT capacity spread across three fully integrated buildings CA1, CA2 and CA3 totaling 680,000 square feet of data center space.

CA3 Data Center – Sacramento, CA

Turn-key and Build-to-suit wholesale data center

RagingWire’s CA3 wholesale data center facility brings the latest in data center innovation and customer experience to seismically stable Sacramento, California. CA3 is ideal for enterprise and internet companies looking for a large data center footprint with turn-key or build-to-suit data center infrastructure. 

VA1 Data Center – Ashburn, VA

Ashburn, Virginia Data Center Colocation Campus

RagingWire’s Ashburn, Virginia data center VA1 is just outside of Washington D.C., located in the heart of “Data Center Alley” containing one of the largest fiber carrier densities in the world and highly-reliable, cost-effective utility power from Dominion Virginia Power. The 28.4 megawatts carrier neutral campus is currently spread across two fully integrated data center buildings VA1, and VA2 totaling 290,000 square foot of data center space with another 2 million square feet in development.

VA2 Data Center – Ashburn, VA

Ashburn, Virginia Wholesale Data Center Campus

RagingWire’s second data center Ashburn VA2 is now leasing with 140,000 square foot and 14 megawatts of high density critical IT power. VA2 offers 7 turn-key vaults and highly flexible colocation configurations for wholesale data center customers. Each vault is configured for two megawatts of IT capacity, and can be divided into two 1-megawatt halls. The design can also accommodate multi-megawatt requirements for large wholesale customers, or allow tenants to grow in phases.

VA3 Data Center – Ashburn, VA

245,000 sq. ft. data center (Phase 1) on 78 acres campus

The Ashburn VA3 Data Center represents phase one of RagingWire’s massive Ashburn Data Center Campus development which can accommodate seven buildings on the 78 acre site in Ashburn. The VA3 Data Center offers 245,000 square feet of space and 16 megawatts of power.

VA4/VA5 Data Center – Ashburn, VA

500,000 sq. ft. data centers on 78-acre CampusLocated on RagingWire’s 78-acre fenced, secure Ashburn Data Center Campus, VA4 and VA5 are nearly twins, with each building containing 140,000 square feet of data center space over four 35,000 square-foot, 8-megawatt private vaults.

TX1 Data Center – Dallas, TX

1 million sq. ft., 144 MW data center campus in Dallas, TX

RagingWire’s Dallas TX1 Data Center, recognized as one of the “most beautiful data centers in the world”, is a 230,000 square feet, 16 megawatt facility. TX1 represents the first building of RagingWire’s mega data center campus development on 42 acre land with more than a million square feet of data center space and 144 megawatt critical IT load at full build out.

SV1 Data Center – Santa Clara, CA

160,000 sq. ft., 16MW data center in Santa Clara, CA

RagingWire’s new world-class, 16 megawatt “Silicon Valley SV1 Data Center” is strategically located in Santa Clara, the heart of the tech capital of the world – Silicon Valley. This facility is the first in Santa Clara to use an earthquake-proof design featuring an innovative base isolation system.

CH1 Data Center – Chicago, IL

500,000 sq. ft., 72MW data center in Chicago, IL

RagingWire’s Chicago CH1 and CH2 Data Centers are located on a 19-acre parcel of land in Itasca, Illinois, which is about 25 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. 

HI1 Data Center – Hillsboro, OR

144MW Available in the Pacific Northwest Technology Hub

Our 47-acre Hillsboro Data Center Campus is strategically located near Portland, Oregon, in the technology hub of the Pacific Northwest.




The Director of Global Sales Engineering provides strategic leadership, oversight and tactical direction to all Sales Engineering. The Director of Global Sales Engineering is specifically focused on helping close Enterprise, wholesale and hyperscale business via data center and wholesale product knowledge, presentation, solution design, quoting, and leading tours of the RagingWire facilities. Solutions are win-win focused to maximize RagingWire and customer’s value.




  • Demonstrates expert understanding of data center design concepts and differentiators (high density cooling, maintainable fault tolerant power, security redundancy, etc.).
  • Effectively leads wholesale solution requirement gathering sessions with clients and vendors.
  • Designs and documents customer solutions and environments based on specific customer requirements.
  • Reviews lease terms and aligns with customer’s technical requirements.
  • Hosts tours of RagingWire data centers.
  • Identifies best use of RagingWire’s wholesale products to develop solutions that exceed customer requirements.
  • Interfaces and translates critical requirements across operations, engineering, construction, marketing, IT etc.
  • Participates in customer meetings and assists regularly in telling the RagingWire story.
  • Creates and edits pricing quotes quickly and accurately.
  • Responds to, maintains, and stores answers to technical RFP questions.
  • Writes Scope of Work and Bill of Materials to support the fit-out of wholesale customer spaces.
  • Identifies and approves 3rd party contractors to provide customer facing infrastructure across all geographic locations where RagingWire operates.
  • Reviews RFP/quotes provided by 3rd party contractors and makes recommendations based on customer requirements and RDC requirements including margins.
  • Assists in facility space planning and management.
  • Develops and hosts technical training.
  • Trains SEs and Sales on how to host data center tours with a focus on a wholesale delivery model.
  • Occasionally works the RagingWire booth at industry trade shows and events.
  • Performs special projects related to the Solutions Engineering function as assigned by management.
  • Regular onsite, predictable attendance is essential for satisfactory performance.




  • Must be a master storyteller and presenter and comfortable speaking/presenting to groups of all sizes.
  • A thorough understanding of modern data center and IT client requirements and environments with a primary focus on wholesale customers and their data center requirements.
  • Proficient with software application such as AutoCAD, CFD Modeling, Visio, Word, Excel, Power Point, Project Outlook, SharePoint and Salesforce.
  • Able to work in a team/cross-team/multi-site environment.
  • Manages stress in a fast (fun) paced environment effectively.
  • Excellent problem solver/creative thinker.
  • Engages customers to extract critical technical and business drivers that may position client deliverables.
  • Effective at working with 3rd party contractors and vendors to aid in the design of large customer infrastructure deployment requirements.
  • Able to develop bill of materials and scope of work for large customer infrastructure deployment requirements.
  • Maintains familiarity with competitive offerings in order to effectively position products and solutions in a competitive environment.
  • Possess effective oral and written communications and strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Minimum of 7+ years of experience with multiple data center operators and environments.
  • Prior technical sales support experience in a wholesale data center environment.




Depth & Breadth – Extent of expertise and experience understanding and extrapolating data center design concepts and differentiators across broad purpose / use cases, geographic, and environmental considerations.

Customer/prospect orientation – Extent of use/utility translated to offering and use case benefitting each prospective client’s environment. Comfortable and consultative in telling the story behind the design value.

Sales Orientation – Empowering partnerships with sales to be present, supportive, engaging, knowledgeable and willing to invest time for the appropriate level of intellectual transfer.

Technical – As the technical SME on the sales team, demonstrate a thorough understanding of modern data center and IT client requirements and environments to create a clear competitive advantage for wholesale customer prospects.

Documentation – Strong and effective writing skills to effectively convey requirements, reviewing lease terms, technical RFP questions, scope of work, quotes, bill of materials, etc. across a broadly vested constituency.




Culture – Sharing a collective global vision and strategy has really energized the entire company creating a bit of an electric environment. Along with putting customers first, RagingWire values creating longevity in the workplace to develop your career within the company.

Impact – While now the 3rd largest data center company in the world, NTT Global Data Centers is a relatively new company, still in a formidable growth stage, offering an expert sales engineering to put their fingerprint on a increasingly global footprint.

Leadership – This role will sit at the decision-making table with one of the most strategically successful leadership teams in the data center infrastructure market, alongside the hyperscale customers with the bleeding edge visions. This role is expected to build a team who will have the privilege and opportunity to do the same.

Focus – The Director Global Sales Engineering steps in at a time when the company has gone through an extraordinary organizational restructuring with a clear vision on its capabilities, strategy, and value proposition to a focused set of global customers. It’s now time to execute and grow.

Financial Strength – In addition to over $11B in annual revenues generated from 160+ data centers across the world, NTT has announced $7B in new investment to build additional campuses nationally & internationally.




Compensation package for the Director of Global Sales Engineering is comprised of a competitive base salary and annual performance bonus.  A comprehensive benefits program to include medical, dental, vision, life, and long – term Incentive compensation in the form of 401K participation is also included.




All applicants for employment will be subject to pre-employment drug testing, a criminal background check and education/employment verification. Additionally, some positions require a review of driving records, credit checks, and/or successful completion of the federal governments ‘Public Trust’ background screening.

CFS Partners makes formal candidate recommendations following a situation and Interest call, receipt of resume, and a more formal Interview to address Key Qualifying Criteria specific to NTT Global Data Centers/RagingWire Director of Global Sales Engineering requirement. Initial calls with Brian Johnston will qualify a short list of candidates to speak or meet with Joe Goldsmith. A finalist will be selected and offer extended, the acceptance of which will be contingent upon positive references and background check.

For additional information or to schedule a time to connect, contact Andy Lane, Managing Partner at andy@criticalfacility.com.