Talent Acquisition Best Practices – 6 steps

Talent Acquisition Best Practices – 6 steps

22:48 04 September in Blogs

Ready. Aim. HIRE!!
So the business is kicking along and you realize you need to step outside of your warm cozy arm’s length network to hire new talent. This might involve levels and layers you vowed you’d never require. This might require stepping into new geographies you haven’t previously visited other than the airport and an UBER to a hotel downtown. This might require a product or channel or service or alliance or new market vertical with which you were previously unfamiliar. Unfamiliar yes, but at least you have Google out there … shout out to Joe Kava for keeping our favorite research engine running famously … to conduct research and learn.

The scary part is all the new humans, the most varied, often friendly, sometimes corrupt, social media eager, selfie hungry but most certainly the most subjective and highly variable commodity to inhabit the planet. Can’t live with ‘em and Armageddon is out of the question, so you have to find a way to work with them.

I’ve worked with organizations of all shapes and stages and sizes and attitudes and cultures …. Yes, as variant as your significant other(s.) But fear not. The place to start is a constant which is to fully understand where an organization is on the preparedness continuum.

And so I present … with attribution to a former colleague, Bernard Layton, the 4 Stages of Organizational Realization & Readiness to adopt a Talent Acquisition Program:

Stage 1 Unconscious Incompetence
You don’t know what you don’t know
Stage 2 Conscious Incompetence
You know what you don’t know
Stage 3 Conscious Competence
You know what you know
Stage 4 Unconscious Competence
You’re performing without thinking about it

Stated another way –

Stage 1 Unconscious Incompetence
You don’t know that you aren’t a good recruiting organization – DOH!?!?
Stage 2 Conscious Incompetence
You know that you’re not good at recruiting and you need help – where’s the lipstick?!
Stage 3 Conscious Competence
You know, you’ve practiced and you are actually getting good at this – we’re hiring people!
Stage 4 Unconscious Competence
Now that you are a talent magnet, management is wondering how to leverage all this intellectual capital for new initiatives

Once you’ve discovered and actually mutually and collaboratively have acknowledged the starting line, typically requiring a bit of humility, you realized there is a journey toward Unconscious Competence. This journey starts with the start which is a requisition. An assignment. An opening. An opportunity.

Whatever you call it, there are essentially 6 Chapters in every recruiting assignment

  1. Discovery
  2. Research
  3. Promotion
  4. Qualifying
  5. Interviewing
  6. Closure

We’ll cover each Chapter in … wait for it … yes, the next 6 blogs!!!

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