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CFS Partners’ own Andy Lane, pens the “Talent Matters” column for Mission Critical Magazine. He addresses employment issues from both the employer and applicant perspective, while interviewing key industry players.



7 x 24 Exchange Turns 25!

The not-for-profit organization really is the fulfillment of a vision
September/October 2014
By Andrew Lane

7 x 24 Exchange International (7×24), the not for profit organization, is turning 25 years old this year. Bake a cake. Light the candles. Take pause to celebrate the fulfillment of a vision. How many ideas ever get to the crawling stage, much less walking, much less running after 25 years? Read More




But Can He Sing?

Catching up With DCD’s Stephen Madaffari
February 10, 2014
By Andrew Lane

Twenty minutes into the conversation Stephen Madaffari, principal of Data Centers Delivered and HTS New York, was done. He got it. He’d been through it in his head already. Read More




Rationally Speaking with DataBank’s Kevin Ooley

The CFO works for balance in the data center industry.
October 10, 2013
By Andrew Lane

You’ve likely noticed that organizational charts, whether flat or vertical, are triangles, narrowing at the top. If you squint and tilt your head sideways you can almost juxtapose a bell curve over the top. Read More




A View From The Top

Bob Morse cultivates success at Oak Hill Capital Partners.
August 13,, 2013
By Andrew Lane

The benefit of interviewing exceptional people is that I get to borrow parts and pieces of those conversations and institutionalize them in future work. Interviewing Bob Morse of Oak Hill Capital Partners made me realize the multiplying effect of that benefit. Read More




Nice Guys Finish Best

Patrick Lynch connects the dots at CBRE.
June 5, 2013
By Andrew Lane

Interviewing nice guys is hard work. They tend to be smart, ambitious, organized, and calculated, therefore they tend to be too prepared and too careful with disclosure, maintaining that shiny veneer. Read More