Retained Search

CFS’s origin and roots are in retained executive search, typically reserved for more senior strategic hires, where the impact of a poor hire far outweighs the fee. CFS is first and foremost a boutique executive search firm. We assist organizations with the definition of roles, their place in the organizational chart, the reporting relationship, and the availability of supply of the skills desired. We represent investors, private and institutional equity, boards, CEO’s, and C-Suites with the identification and outreach to a succinct target audience with a very pointed message – our client’s employment value proposition, which we help them develop.

This is storytelling at its finest. Whether helping mature organizations grow or helping organizations that don’t yet exist get off the ground, the stage of the company and why someone would be compelled to work there are stories that require development and dissemination. This is where a search starts. You want the best and the brightest on your team. You must have a compelling reason for them to change and find them at a chapter in life where they are willing to consider a change. The decision of who is going to reach out to this audience on your organization’s behalf isn’t to be taken lightly. Choose wisely. Choose experience.

The middle of the search is the qualifying of fit amongst a long list of candidates, all of whom qualify for the role on paper. The end is managing the finalist determination, offer management, references, notice, and on-boarding process.

CFS Partners works a proven process, built from years of experience handling a myriad of assignments at all levels, all over the globe. Benefit from our hindsight.