CFS is a leading provider of Mission Critical market research, new market entry studies, competitive intelligence, surveying, detailed personal/corporate profiling, unmatched name/lead generation and other custom assignments. What do you need to know?

CFS delivers expertise in designing and implementing a full range of unique research methodologies and capabilities. Our combination of leading edge techniques, extensive experience, and inside industry knowledge provides clients with intelligence that is valid, valuable, and above all else actionable.

CFS delivers Qualitative Research with a Quantitative rational. Our Research products differentiate themselves in large part due to the methodology we utilize in collection and analysis. That is to say that our client’s research needs are looked at as constituents. When properly expressed and seen to their logical conclusion, our findings ultimately help to make the organization whole. In world of information dissonances, CFS will streamline your discovery process and deliver a clearer picture faster.

CFS Research is a proven resource for Recruiting Departments, Project Management Offices, Sales, Strategic Advisors, Human Resources Leaders, C-Suite, Private Equity and anyone who values insightful data and perspectives to help make informed business decisions.