Contingent Search

CFS is open to conducting recruiting projects on a contingency basis in select circumstances which include –

  • For an existing customer or relationship where the company’s business story, employee value proposition, and culture are known.
  • For known functional positions where we have the target audience already in our database.
  • The role replaces a known or existing position in the company, or is an extension of an existing role
  • The client acknowledges the effort as exclusive
  • In a geographic market where there exists adequate ‘supply’ of prospective candidates with the skills desired / required
  • Direct access / communication with the direct hiring authority
  • There exists a recruiting or HR function to manage the company’s internal communications and interview process
  • A guarantee of hire is not required / requested
  • The client’s recruiting policy requires the engagement of multiple recruiting firms on any particular assignment

The decision or recommendation to conduct a search on a contingent or retained approach will be made on a case by case basis.

Raymond Thurber handles all contingency assignments for CFS Partners. His extensive recruiting experience in retained, contingent, and online environments makes for a unique, solutions oriented perspective.