Syska Hennessy Group

Mission Critical Engineering Consulting

Current Co-President Cyrus Izzo’s rise to prominence at SHG started with his success in growing the Mission Critical vertical practice from 8% to over 40% of overall revenue from 2006 – 2008. CFS supported this growth through the hires of a West Coast Client Leader, an East Coast Client Leader, a National Director of Mission Critical Sales, and a SVP Sales and Marketing among other functional engineering and construction project management hires.

Cyrus’ plan was born out of breaking the geographic restrictions of their physical office structure. He created a boundaryless services delivery for the Mission Critical Practice which empowered the limited best-in-class talent that SHG employed to be client facing in whatever market or situation it required. Previously SHG would only sell and bring whatever internal talent was available to each of their 14 offices. Under Cyrus, if a Mechanical Engineer with Data Center experience lived and worked in Atlanta but a significant client prospect was in Chicago … that engineer was flown to Chicago to attend to that client through engagement closure. Over time, this new approach to services delivery was adopted across the organization and facilitated an ownership and board transition to a new guard. In 2008 SHG went through a massive reorganization which was repeated a few times before establishing their current level and operations leadership in 2010. SHG is no longer a CFS client and could be a significant source for CRB.