Skanska Mission Critical

Mission Critical Integrated Design Build

Skanska’s Mission Critical Center of Excellence is widely regarded as the most progressive thought leadership in terms of delivering data center projects for large scale clients. Skanska has accumulated resource partners in all aspects of design, construction, modeling, financing, monitoring, operations and management in a holistic solution which demonstrates a responsible total cost of operations proposition.

CFS has been a significant contributor to achieving this collaborative services ecosystem and currently provides search services not only to Skanska, but to many of their inclusive partners as well. In addition to recruiting Superintendents, Project Managers, and Engineers in support of their construction projects worldwide, CFS has also conducted more targeted searches for highly specialized and unique subject matter experts who have increased Skanska’s credibility and value proposition. As a result of their continued growth and validation, an overwhelming volume of complex deals came their way requiring the need to hire specialized deal development professionals to define and close business. CFS introduced and Skanska hired three high level deal development professionals within three months of interest. We attribute this to close relationships we maintain in the industry and our ability to describe Skanska’s unique value proposition to compel this talent to consider them.