Situation & Interest

  • How often do you pause to take inventory of your current career situation?
  • Do you enjoy what you are doing every day?
  • Is your daily work challenging your growth?
  • Is it fulfilling?
  • Do you have a clear path to growth from a professional, financial, and personal perspective?


In the executive search business we have a term which describes the essence of what we do … “cognitive dissonance”. If you were to become disassociated with your current situation, what would you endeavor to do? If you’re doing it, congratulations, you’re in the blessed minority.

If you’re not, the grass may not necessarily be greener elsewhere. We suggest taking inventory of your current situation which requires a broad perspective. This perspective isn’t a commitment to a change. It is education and information to arm you to make informed decisions on your situation by recognizing your options.

Different skill sets are valuable at different times in any individual market. In the data center market there exist macro and micro cycles of capital, design, build, operate, renovate. Economic indicators drive when the capital is bullish … both from an internal and external budget standpoint but also reflected in convicted decision making.

Stay INFORMed … Follow the news and keep abreast of what’s happening in the data center market.

Keep IMPROVing … Check out the opportunities for continuing education and credentials.

Stay CONNECTed … Attend industry events.