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Your daily job is to attend to the growth and health of your business. The fastest path to point B in your strategy might involve the help of valued, trusted relationships in the industry, yes? Our daily job is to maintain a broad view and intelligence of the market, the players, and the segmentations which has led many of the leading companies in the market to look to CFS to facilitate strategic business partnerships, alliances, and channel partnerships.

We can help align you with the right people and companies to get you into a new region, city, or country. Want to work with a new service or product offering? Or maybe you want to get into a new market like healthcare, financial services, or oil & gas? Take a look at where we have made an IMPACT, how we keep you INFORMed and where you can CONNECT with like-minded people in the data center industry.

We are always eager to learn about talented individuals with a successful track record and exceptional leadership potential. Include yourself in our broad mix of qualified candidates by connecting with us.