CFS attends, promotes, and/or hosts events each year. We endeavor to connect value across the entire data center ecosystem bringing the right people together. Check out the fun we’ve had, as well as upcoming events!

Upcoming Events

Wisconsin Data Center Golf Tour – July 2016

Past Events


October 2012 – CFS Connect Golf Outing

Hosted by CFS Partners

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Esteemed Colleagues, Data Center Executives, Brass … and Golf Fanatics

In retrospect, the inaugural event was bar none…

Torrential rain Day One didn’t stop the die hards from getting a round in at Kohler’s Black Wolf Run – River Course, #14 on the top 100 U.S. Golf Courses for 2013. This year the group will again indulge, as they listen to the salmon run, coming in on 18.

Day Two the group wasn’t sure if they were to herd sheep or play through at Kohler’s Whistling Straits – The Straits, #2 on the top 100 this year. Traversing the rolling hills as you cozy up to Lake Michigan at each turn makes this course a challenge for any golfer, as made evident in 2010 when the PGA Championship was hosted. A relaxing ride transported the weary to an evening by the fire.

Day Three, Erin Hills #10, to call it challenging may be a bit of an understatement. This picturesque landscape coupled with potential cross winds makes even a seasoned golfer blush at times. Views of The Lodge and above, the Basilica at Holy Hill coming in on 18 are needed after a day of 40 mile an hour winds carrying your ball off its intended path.

The 2nd Annual trip will surely prove a challenge in its own rite.  We’ve maintained the venues, but switched the order.  Accommodations at The American Club in Kohler, WI are exceptional. For those able to attend, we look forward to growing friendships, making new connections, and three glorious days of golf! Those not able to attend, we look forward to the future.



Three Top 100 golf courses in 3 days. Black Wolf Run – River Course, Whistling Straits – Straits Course, and Erin Hills. A golfer’s dream or nightmare depending on the weather or their swing.

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November 2012 – Norland on Tap – 7 x 24 Phoenix

Attended by CFS Partners

“In the beginning, one bull stood stoically alone to face a very “critical” and determined foe.” – Bryan Bennett

Thanks to Saddle Ranch for staying open to accommodate the event’s activities!




August 2012 – Fishing Critical, Sponsored by Norland

Attended by CFS Partners
28 men, 1 woman in Northern Minnesota. The fish weren’t even scared!
Thank you to Ebel’s resort for their hospitality.

Fishing Critical