CFS opened in 2006 as a boutique consulting firm focused on recruiting for mission critical buildings; data centers, healthcare, and other technical building requirements. The growth of the data center market justified an exclusive focus since 2008. We have been successful through a strategy of aligning with a few non-competitive entities. We endeavor to consistently add value to these partnerships through a competitive advantage resulting in key talent acquisition.

The amount of intelligence and continuous data collection we’ve conducted over the years has resulted in over 70,000+ contacts in the data center market, the majority of whom we’ve ‘touched’ multiple times regarding IMPACTful career opportunities, INFORMing of news, education, and events, or CONNECTing with other professionals in the market.

Fundamental to successful search execution is understanding our client’s people, business origination, stage, strategy, purpose, culture, and intent. How else could we possibly sell your business as a place to invest a career move?

CFS Partners offers 360° access and exposure to the data center industry. Knowing the market from every angle: private equity, investment, real estate, wholesale, product companies, colocation… enables us to relay to the marketplace, both clients and candidates, a full view of the industry and where you fit.